HummingBird Point Bird Surf Challenge

by Tyler Peace
Graphic by Austin Novaland

It's that time again groms! Yes, I went there. It's time to dig those surfboards out and dust them off cause the HummingBird Surf Challenge is back once again! Shilow Carter, founder of the Surf Challenge, is partnering up with Wataru Shore, owner of Kanaloa Beach to hold a competition for all you talented surfers at Kanaloa Beach.

You don't want to be the one to miss out on this competition if you haven't participated yet! it is not your regular surf comp and surf rules; it's all new rules and scoring and a low stress fun filled environment! The competition will be split up between different days and guess what.... you pick those days! You as the surfer get to chose the day and time you compete! the registration for the challenge will open on the 24th of May and start on the 9th of June.  With more questions regarding this amazing competition please feel free to speak to Shi (shilow.carter) or run over and check out the information boards located at HummingBird Point or Kanaloa Beach.


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