Friday, April 27, 2018

Surfing En Vouge: Men's Edition

Submitted by Frankie Edon

When it comes to surfing in Second Life, you might think it is all about the waves but you couldn't be further from the truth. IN FACT, what you wear is not just critical for earning style points but it will actually impact the way you and others surf. Nowhere is this more true than during a competition and who better to talk to about this than two of the most stylish and competitive dudes on the water: Kris (KrisMarley) and Bodhi (Bodhi Lowtide).

I managed to catch both Kris and Bodhi between AFK sessions and testing the lag capacity of sims to talk a bit about what they wear and why they wear it.

Kris (left) and Bodhi (right), "Surf Casual"
Neither would fit into the "addicted shopper" category like so many residents in Second Life, but they do frequent random events and a few inworld locations.

With both Kris and Bodhi hanging around the beach, you'll find them dressed for the occasion. Simple board shorts is all you really need to fit the part; no shirt, no shoes, no problem. Flow. a favorite of Bodhi, makes some high quality gear that is beach orientated, comfy and functional.

"Surfing really requires minimal effort to get dressed for.  People think we like surfing, but really we just can't be "arsed" getting dressed." - Kris Marley

"I just wear what looks like something I'd wear (IRL). I rarely pull it off, but I try." - Bodhi Lowtide

Kris (right) Bodhi (left), "Surfing on Point," full mesh.
When you're out actually surfing, Kris has this to say about style, "I think you always consider your style. Change it up and surf in stuff you think looks cool. I think if you're feeling cool with what you're wearing and the board you are riding, then it rubs off on your surfing." I could not agree more. When you are out on the water, you want to feel good about yourself, the way you surf and have fun with it. Bodhi has a similar take on surfing and style but has more focus on surfing than style and you'll see this especially when he is in full competition mode. Bodhi says, "I don't always take into account what I'm wearing. If I'm itching for a wave, I'll got out in pajamas, doesn't matter." 

Bodhi (left) and Kris (right) in full competition mode.
When it come to competition day, throw out everything about looking cool and comfortable. Kris said it best, "Competition really just comes down to lag and rules on scripts." In competition, you are not allowed to wear anything that contains scripts because it will slow down the performance of the sim, yourself and other surfers. Mesh bodies, hair, clothes, and accessories are all thrown out the window in favor of system avatars and textured clothing. Shapes and sizes also come into play as the different boards will react differently and so some competitors like Bodhi go the extra mile throwing out all vanity.

"In full competition mode, I usually switch into it the night before the competition. That's when I feel like a true ladykiller. You can't touch me in full competition mode." - Bodhi Lowtide

With Kris currently being tied in 1st place and Bodhi tied in 5th place after two competitions this year in the SLSA, so far their take on shapes and styles in competition seem to be working. I for one don't go quite as far as Kris and Bodhi in competition which maybe explains why I don't rank quite as high as them, but to each their own. The take-away from all of this is to just do you and have fun whether on or off the waves.

See you on the water!

For more information about surfing in Second Life head over to SLSA @ Solace Dreams or The North Shore @ Fairhaven

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