The SSi Longboard Competition hosted by Fairhaven is today!

Submitted by Solsty Kismet
Photo by Andin Kismet

Hello Surfers and SLurf fans.  Today is the day we've been waiting for.  The SL Surfing Association's monthly competition circuit brings us to the North Shore @ Fairhaven.

The competition will begin promptly at 1:00pm SLT where spectators and competitors are asked to meet in the stands. 

Join us for the most exciting sporting event in Second Life.  See professional surfers battle it out for the chance to take home the 1st place trophy.  We're only 3 competitions away from a season champion!

Competitors will find their rashguards, instructional notecards, and heat draws in the rashie packs handed out in the SL Surfing Association group notice.

All surf fans are asked to head up to the stands 15 minutes before the competition and remain there through the duration. Only competitors will be allowed on the shore during their respective heats. Please do not camlock on the surfers as lag is always a concern.

We look forward to seeing you on the waves or in the stands today @ 1:00pm SLT.

Spectator Stands:


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