Saturday, September 16, 2017

One Love Beach

Submitted by Dillan Munro
photo courtesy JT Castenea
Hurricanes are nasty events; they do widespread damage, but thankfully we are resourceful enough to put things right again with blood, sweat, tears, and good old fashioned hard work. Such is the case at One Love Beach, where a fierce storm rolled in and destroyed a great surfing venue. Thanks to the work of the owner, JT Castenea, the beach has been repaired and is better than ever.
photo courtesy JT Castenea
With his careful manipulation and rebuilding of the sand, he has managed to create some amazing waves. The ride from formation of the surf to the beach is one of the longest you will find in this life, and those with the skill to stay in the curl that long are rewarded with an experience that stokes the fire in every surfer's belly. For others who enjoy the fluffies, there is a place to ride those as well in a back bay.
photo courtesy JT Castenea
There is a surf shop where you can purchase a custom board made by Mick Lunasea. This beach will also be the home of team SurfCrazy.

Several areas apart from the surfing are worth mentioning here. There is a nice little private lagoon for close friends; leave the bathing suits on the beach when you go back there. Climb up a ladder behind the beach and you'll find a nice bar that offers beer on tap and doubles as a great place to watch the surfing.

Walking along the beach there is an abandoned old VW bus that gives a bit of privacy for some intimacy.  

And if you keep going past the bus high atop a cliff there is an eagle's nest where you can enjoy a view of the entire sim and find some surprises while you're relaxing with someone special.

Photo courtesy JT Castenea

All in all, every serious surfer ought to check out One Love Beach. When the thighs start to wobble, there are plenty of other things to do here to stay entertained.
photo courtesy JT Castenea

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Exploring the Wave Report: El Diablo

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

This is the first in a series of short, but sweet articles that describes a few basic characteristics of  SL (Second Life) surfing sims that you might want to check out.  These articles are not going to replace the more in depth articles SurfWatch will continue doing on surfing beaches in SL, but will supplement those and the simple list of sims in the Surf Watch Wave Report in the sidebar to the right.

Sim Owner:
Group owned, Surfistas Del Diablo
Mama (el elephas)

Type of Region:

Wave type:
Maoli Tahiti

Loaner boards?
Yes, C-3 rezzer

Can you rez your own board and if so how (i.e., rez area, requires group membership):
This sim has open rezzing on the beach.  Anyone can rez their own board.

Group membership cost, if any:
Membership is not required to use the sim, but the group ownership of the sim is Surfistas Del Diablo, which is a private group

Special comments/instructions:
Entry to El Diablo is always at their information area on the side of a bluff.  Flying isn’t allowed, so you need to walk up to the top of the hill and walk down the stairs, take the hang glider, or just jump for dear life to reach the beach.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Second Life Surfing Association Competition Notice

Reposted from SLSA group notice:

Everyone is invited to sign up for our September Comp. It'll be HP5 surfboard on Maoli Tahiti wave at the Solace Dreams sim deltails below:

Date: September 23rd 12:00 PM SLT
Venue: Team Surf Crazy HP5 Pro @ Solace Dreams
LM: Solace Dreams (222,80,22)
Wave: Tahiti (Start is at the yellow buoy out in the water)
Board: HP5 (your own or the rezzer)
Forum url for sign up:

Happy surfing everyone!

Monday, September 11, 2017


Heads up - SLSA and SurfJam competition dates have changed!

SLSA Competition will be on Saturday, September 23, 2017 12 SLT

SurfJam 21 will be on Saturday, September 30, 3017 11 AM SLT

SurfJam 21 Information

Submitted by Meka Sands            

            Vibrations Surf Alliance
                  Proudly Presents

                     SυяF-Jαℳ 21
     The Historic SJ series CONTINUES!
                      ✦  NO Rankings
                      ✦  NO Pressure
                      ✦  NO Nonsense
     The VSA Surf-Jam! Surf Comps where YOU
                 have nothing to lose and
                 EVERYTHING to gain!
     We will have some "VERY Unique" Heats!
               ♛ Get your BOARDS READY
               ♛ Get your Kini's and Boardies OUT
               ♛ Get your Wax goin
               ...Cause it's gonna happen.......
          Saturday September 30 - 11am SLT
                   Chope's (Teahupo'o)