Saturday, July 21, 2012

Waves of Courage Proves To Be Huge Success!!

We cannot begin to thank everyone who came out today for the V.H.S.A. Waves of Courage Competition, it was a Great day for all of us!

Judges Sally LaSalle and Bobbi Laval worked with Kayaker Magic creator of Virtual Highway surfing and Marshall for the competition to fit the judging criteria with the surfing here in Virtual Highway. They decided to score the same as in SL (Second

In this first photo you see Sally LaSalle and Bobbi Laval and myself checking Sim stats prior to competition.

 Here we have Kako Wilder ready to take the first wave.

Melina Horten shows skill as she rides high up on the wave without going up and over, that is the most difficult to master with Virtual Highway surfing.

Cierra Theriac surfed flawlessly each and every wave,

The heart of Colleen Brennan amazes me, a
last minute entrant with virtually no time on the board, jumps on and makes it look easy!! Thank you Colleen for making this official with your surf chant :)
Ok no all i have to do is Haka and this is official:
Ka Mate! (Te Rauparaha's Haka):

Taringa whakarongo
Kia rite, kia rite
Kia mau, hi.
Ringaringa pakia
waewae takahia kia kino nei hoki
E kino nei hoki

ka mate, ka mate
ka ora, ka ora
ka mate, ka mate
ka ora, ka ora
tenei te tangata

nana i tiki mai
whakawhiti te rā
a upane, ka upane
a upane, kaupane
whiti te ra

Melina Horten and Cierra Theriac with Marshal Kayaker Magic ready for final heat!
These two surfed impeccable, in the end, Cie took the gold!!  Congrats Cie!!  Melina a very special thank you for being so brave and taking on the challenge, you were the inspiration that gave me the name "Waves of Courage", for it was your very first surf competition on a surfboard few dared try.  You amaze me.

We had a very special guest show up and teach us all a thing or two!! Can you guess who this is? LOL that's right!
None other than Mick Lunasea taking the Virtual Highway waves!!

Today we had the first Opensim Surf Competition, guess what? It was HUGE success!! Thank you everyone and see you all at the next V.H.S.A. Surf Competition, in Virtual Highway. Remember to come practice :)

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