Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Dream Realized

Sally LaSalle-S.L.S.A. surfs Virtual Highway

When I first came to Virtual Highway I didn't see it as a grid with few residents. Instead, I viewed it as all the possibilities that lie ahead for a new grid. All the wonderful attractions, entertainment and sports soon to come. I wanted to spend my time in Virtual Highway creating the attractions just as an artist would with his paintbrush. Splash colors of Entertainment, blending hues of sports if you will.

I have to admit business ideas took me away from surfing that I love so much. I hadn't forgotten surfing altogether at all, I just got busy with trying to survive.

Those plans didn't pan out so decided to try Virtual Highway grid. I have often spoken of how the grid owners Tiffany Magic and logger Sewell have been supportive in every venture but what you don't know I bet is, it was Tiffany herself that brought me back to surfing. She IM me asking what to name that new surf SIM of hers. I was flabbergasted because Opensim didn't have surfing that I knew of anyways, so to think of it as actually a place we can surf literally blew my mind.

I immediately let our Tauri Tigerpaw know and wheels began spinning faster than you can say SurfWatch.
So I searched YouTube and found Kayaker Magics video about making waves in SL. He answered my IM within minutes that day was like perfect timing and has been ever since.

We just celebrated our very first Surfing competition, “Waves of Courage” on July 21st this was a dream realized. Thank you to all who was supportive, inspiring, and contributing, for it was you too that made this dream realized.   

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Mick said...

What a blast! Contrary to the kind words of Mari it felt awesome being a complete KOOK! Contest Riders were impressive. After the contest I attempted riding a few and like a kid was thrilled after catching one all the way in.

The Comp was professionally run by VHSA members. Kyaker ripped on that innetube and was an excellent marshall. The fun factor was over the top, excited riders and crowd with a real surfers stomp on the beach. I didn't stop dancing all day!

Congrats to all especially grid owners Tiffany Magic and logger Sewell plus Kayaker Magic for providing all the FUN!