Friday, July 13, 2012

SL Surfing and Destination Guide

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

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If y'all haven't seen it, the Second Life website and some in world viewers have what Linden Labs calls a Destination Guide to help people find categories of events and sims that the web site editors select for use in the guide.  Because there were so many beaches being listed as having surfing that really didn't have interactive waves for surfing, Linden Labs created a category last year that is specifically for sims that provide interactive surfing waves.  You can do a search and show the Destination Guide in world, or you can check it out on their web site.

As of this writing, we only have 12 sims listed.  According to the SW Wave Report we have somewhere in the 40 to 50 neighborhood of public surfing sims.  If you own a surfing sim, you can file a web based form request to suggest your sim to be added to the Destinations Guide. 

If for some reason, you can't or don't want to complete this form, yet you want to suggest your sim for being included, please contact Kantbe Thursday.  If you can provide a brief description of your sim like those in the Destination Guide along with a picture that you feel is a good representation of your sim, she can work with the Linden Lab web editors to try to get your sim listed.

There are no guarantees a suggested sim will be included, but it is guaranteed to not be there if not suggested.

Kantbe kanbe reached (couldn't resist) in world via IM or note card, emailed at, private messaged on the SLSA forum at kantbethursday, or messaged on Facebook at .

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