Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Melina Horten V.H.S.A. Surfer Shares Her "Waves of Courage" Thoughts

We thought it would be interesting to see how the surfers all felt about competing in Virtual Highway and what it was like for them.  Melina Horten shared this with me which of course does make me smile.  Melina is one of those stories I just love, an unknown surfer who comes along and rises literally to the Top.    Congratulations Melina Horten!!  Here is what she had to say.

"Before coming to Virtual Highway I had never surfed a day in my life and I was pretty sure I didn't want to start.  But Marianna kept after me, telling me how much fun it would be, and I gave in.  The first time I made it all the way to the beach was awesome.  And Mari was right ..... it was lots of fun.

Then Mari said I had to enter the VHSA Waves of Courage competition.  Excuse me??!!??  Me, compete against experienced SL surfers?  No way !!!!!  But we all know how persuasive Marianna can be.  LOL

So there I was on the beach, waiting for the competition to start.  My stomach was doing flip-flops, my heart was somewhere up in my throat and my hands were shaking so bad I didn't think I could manage the arrow keys.  After I made the first wave though, I calmed down.  Until I made the finals ..... then the nerves started all over again.

I felt exhilarated once it was all over and can't wait for the next competition.  I do want to thank everyone who made my first time such a wonderful experience.......Cierra, Colleen, Kako, the judges Sally, Bobbi and Kayaker, Tiffany and Logger.  Most of all, I want to thank Marianna.......teacher extraordinaire !!! "

Melina, you simply RAWKED!!  Great Job!

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