Thursday, June 7, 2012

SLSA Judges Training/Mini Comp and Techniques Scheduled!

Submitted by Revlon "Revy" Benoir

In preparation for the introduction of the HP5 board at the next competition, this weekend at Encinitas SIM;
Saturday  6/9 at 11:00 am Mini - Comp / Judges training session With Bobbi Laval.   Everyone is welcome not just Judges
Prior to heading out to the wave, Bobbi Laval will explain some of the differences judges might look for while judging an HP5 surfboard vs an SSI surfboard.  We will then hold a mini - comp as training exercise for judges.
The way this works the first 12 surfers to show up on the beach will be given a chance to head out with Bobbi Laval.  The surfers will each take 3 waves and be given an actual score in local chat so they can gauge their current performance level.   Those wishing to judge can rate the waves and compare their score with Bobbi's.   Top 2 scores win an HP5!
Sunday 6/10 at 8:00 am Advanced HP5 Competition Riding with Wil DeCuirAfter our first classes on the HP5 we have had so many request to bring Wil back we only had one option..... WIL IS BACK!  to cover more advanced techniques with us!    Don't want to miss this!
Sunday 6/10 at 11:00 am Basic HP5 Competition Riding with Abel Halderman
There is a reason this guy is currently #1 and he is here to work winning technique and the HP5 surfboard.  Don't miss this class.
Reminder Registration for the SLSA Season 10 Series 5 Encinitas Competition ends soon register now!

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