Thursday, March 15, 2012

InWorldz Update: "Where your dreams are our Vision"

Back in December of 2010, SurfWatch reported on InWorldz, a new virtual environment (  Currently up to 52,000 users and 877 regions as of this posting, InWorldz invites you to, "Stretch your imagination, can you build the next newest in thing? Or will you travel the world in a spaceship while being an alien? Maybe you'll club hop, be a model, join the tinies... your imagination is the only limit!"

I stopped in to see if surfing had hit the scene yet and what kind of beaches the combers could expect to find.  I was pleasantly surprised to find Tai Chi @ Phantom Mists Serenity Beach.  Tai Chi advertises, "Relaxing tai chi on the beach at Dragon Heart. Beautiful, meditative music and great endless ocean and waves. You can do tai chi, yoga or meditate! There's even a place to read."  I found a small section of beach with the sounds of waves and seagulls and non-surfable white froth, in addition to the tai chi, yoga and meditation opportunities.  Over a hill sits a beautiful lagoon and waterfall area.

I did find Surf City and Sunrize Mall altho I didn't spot any surfable waves.  There's also The Hula Shop at Sweet Dreams that sells flip flops, bikinis and boardie shorts if you need your fix of beach wear.

Searching the grid for waves, I found 3D Ocean Waves by Lie rang of MnM Designs.  Calling them, "Photorealistic foams with realistic movements" and "Best natural movements even seen on any OpenSim Grid !", waves can be purchased at Wild Spirit Sandbox. 

SurfWatch will keep you posted on any additional surfing and beach information from InWorldz!

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