Thursday, March 15, 2012

Digital Art and Art Animation

Submitted by Roving Reporter Revy

Hey not sure if this is of interest to anyone, but right now DAZ3D is giving away Hexagon, Daz3d Studio Pro (Yes the actual Pro Version) and Bryce for FREE! Yes free really means FREE you will not even need a credit card, voucher or Pay Pal. You get some really really nice software that retails for $800 completely free.

Why get this? Well it is a lot easier to use than Blender with a more polished interface. Blender has announced an end to collada support, so you can model in Hexagon use the bridge to Daz Studio and export to collada.

Daz3d is kinda like Poser and actually has tons of support for Second Life (SL) and tutorials for $50 you can get the TC2 converter to move your V4, Victoria and Michael avatar models to SL.

NO I DON'T WORK for DAZ but I will give you the link
I love ya all Revy

(Editor's note:  DAZ (Digital Art Zone) Explore page states,"We're all about helping others create better art and animation faster through the power of 3D. This ranges from book illustrations or humorous videos to scrap-booking or web graphics; or virtually any creative project you would like to do. With the help of DAZ products, you are the creative director. You have total control over exactly how your illustrations and animations will be created."  Check out the short video on the Explore page and see what you can create)

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