Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beach Fashion Spotlight!

On Location at: Syx Monkies Pray 4 Surf

Skin: LAQ Nellie Mocha 05 Glow
Hair: TRUTH Kymberly Streaked Mocha
Jewelry:  Reaction Hemp anket,  MJ Surfs UP Earrings and necklace
Clothing:  Before Sleep Skate and Surf Bikini and shoes

Skin: Next Generation ULTRA
Hair: TRUTH David Streaked - oasis
Jewelry: White Shark's Tooth Choker by Monq Pinklady, SPL Splendeurs Bracelet *Wave*

Prop:  SurfCouple Pose and Table by Jim Ghoststar

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flashback! Video replay!

So normally I post a section of SurfWatch from the last several years we have been bringing you news. Today, we are gonna veer off that course just a tad. A couple of videos to take us back to a different time. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did looking back at them.

and one more....Thanks to JT Castanea for reminding me about these...ok so he said something about my jumping out of a helicopter to surf...close enough!

Special thanks to Aeryn Kidd, Marianna Monentes, QUENCH Spotter, and Tauri Tigerpaw. These were a blast!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Behind the Comp: Event Coordinator (EC)

This is the third in a series SurfWatch is presenting to highlight the different official positions at an SL surfing competition. SurfWatch hopes this information will show other surfers what's involved and picque their interest in becoming an official and also highlight the complexities of the functions. Special guest contributor, VW Sands, writes on the position of Event Coordinator or EC

Sometimes seems like I´ve never "been" anything other than an EC for the SLSA. That´s probablly a good thing because if I could remember the first time it would remind me of all the stuff I borked. Maybe I have my "Selective Memory HUD" attached, who knows.

In any case.......the EC "job" has always been my favorite. It starts long before the comp(s) and extends to long after them. The EC is responsible for nearly all aspects of a surf comp including coordinating and recruiting staff, working with the sim owner, title sponser, security and so on.

Then on comp day the EC takes on a "MC" role keeping the riders informed, heats lined up and called down to the beach, scores, soliciting donations and information on upcoming events. The EC is also the only real bridge between rider and judges and therfore issues on the water are often brought to the EC for communicating to the judges. Sounds like a handfull and can get kinda sketchy sometimes but it is a blast!

What makes it so much fun is two-part I suppose. Firstly the EC is in the middle of the action and that means among all of the spectators and surfers! At least on comp day(s). Secondly the EC gets to see a comp form from nothing but a date on the calender to podium pictures after the final.
It is very rewarding and highly recomended ;-)