Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kantbe an SLSA Date Night

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Y'all, I thought I'd share a little about my date from the SLSA Valentine's Date Auction FUNd raiser for the SLSA's home sim, Archipelago. I had the honor of being taken on a date by Team Vibrations pro surfer, FrankiePalmero Actor.

Frankie was in the mood for some posh dancing, so we went to Bogart's Jazz Club. They say they're exclusive, but they let me in anyway. I guess it was because I was with Frankie.

We had a great time. I know we all just hop on dance balls and dance, but I swear, Frankie was a much better dancer than most of the other guys there. I think we were the only guests there who were actually in sync most of the time.

The time just flew by with us chatting and dancing. OK, I'll admit it.. I was doing most of the chatting. If you find that Frankie isn't responding when you talk to him, he might still have that cotton in his ears. I choose to believe him when he said it was the music was too loud and not from all of my talking.

I'd sure be interested in hearing about other auction dates (private IM or notecard for those that didn't stay PG, please). What kinds of things did y'all do? Enquiring minds just want to know!

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