Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Kantbe Serious: Surf! Watch out!!!

Submitted by Kantbe Serious

Can you believe it?  I’m out having a blast enjoying the surf.  The sky is beautiful, the temperature perfect, the breezes warm and inviting.  Then, all of a sudden, a storm rushes in.  The water becomes dangerously rough.  I fall off my board and get tumbled around in the surf.  As I struggle to get back to my board, my top comes loose and washes away so quickly I can’t reach it.  Now, I sit ashore, watching the surf, hoping to spot my top washing back in.

Don’t believe that one?  OK, how’s this?  The sky is beautiful, the temperature perfect, the breezes warm and inviting.  How can one not want to sunbathe topless?  I spread out my beach towel, lie on my stomach, and remove my top.  Before I know it, I’ve dozed off.  

I’m awakened by a clap of thunder and realize a storm has blown in, and it’s about to start pouring down rain.  I reach for my top… gone!  The wind apparently caught it and blew it away.

I wrap up in my towel and run to one of the little huts lining the beach; getting out of the downpour just in time.  As I sit under the shelter of the hut and scan the beach looking for my top, I notice an issue of Surfwatch sitting next to me.  I pick it up and flip through the pages.  I realize if I had looked at Surfwatch earlier, I would have known about the upcoming weather conditions and might have avoided the embarrassment of having to get back to my car and home with no top. 

I guess I learned my lesson that if I want to know something about what’s going on with the surfing conditions and the beaches, I need to be looking at Surfwatch more regularly.

I’m sure glad that Tauri Tigerpaw and her staff have decided to start publishing it again.

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