Thursday, February 10, 2011

Surfing with Lissa

So this week I've been a bit sick with a sinus infection that just won't go away. Not one to be stuck in the house drinking hot tea and with my head over a steaming bowl of foul smelling stuff, I struck out in search of beaches where the waves pound so when I feel better, I can get out and get wet!

Illuka Beach is a nice quiet beach with tons of areas hidden away to explore inbetween sets. Wildlife here seemed to follow me around everywhere...maybe it was the bag of fruit I was carrying? Pipes running unsynced and loaner boards available near the water would make this a sweet surf spot! Be sure to keep an eye on the sharks and wildlife on the shore. The monkeys and kangaroos look a bit shady!

Next stop finds me in Ocean Shores where I spent some time collecting sea shells and watching the massive waves crash into the shore. Small waterfalls and surrounded by lush green mountains, all added to a peaceful time and after a short nap (darn sinus medicine!), I made sure to jot this spot down as a place to return to when I can rip it up!

Last stop is Kauai...ok so the picture shows I went shopping at Splendeurs! A girl can shop while she is sick too ya know! I must be prepared for when I can come back here and shred the Cortes wave that is rolling thru the bay. If you see V, um, don't tell him you saw me here ripping up receipts. What he doesn't know won't make him hide his wallet!

Until next time Surf Party Surf or was that Surf Shop Surf? I forget! And if you wanna do some exploring on your own, be sure to check out the SurfWatch Wave Report at: And if you find a great new spot, let us know!


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D°XX DRK said...

WOOHEEE LISSA... thank you for travel SL for us :-) ride on .