Friday, February 11, 2011

ASA Surf Comp List for Feb 12th Competition

Join the Second Life Australian Surf Association on Feb 12th at 3pm SL time at Braata Beach. Below is the surfer list. Wave will be the Maverick and there will be a board rezzer to use during the competition. For more information, please contact Rayzza Rubble in-world

VALLY (valium.lavender)
Khineshia Ewoma Lares
Jayden Lunasea (jayden.domenici)
Donni (donni.dibou)
Abel Halderman
Arjuna Bombastic
Robbin Ember
Countess Decosta
Jordan Mendle
Dmilso Olivieri
Bretch Tigerpaw
Nomad Karu
Mick Lunasea
Lanky Silvercloud
Colleen Brenan
Figger Arun
Lourinho Nizna
Rain Tigerfish
Dan Numbanumba

Judge Wicked V & TBA
Security Kris Janeau & aruora Jacks
Marshal Figger arun

Surfari @ Monkey
Surf Heaven
Pray 4 Surf
Montego Surf team
Nizna Surf
Tsunami beach
Surf shop

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