Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kantbe Serious: Rock N' Roll Ukulele?

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Have y'all ever hear of a Rock N' Roller Uke player? I sure hadn't. At least not until the other day. I was at Archipelago just mind'n my own business sit'n on Coolkat Carver's outrigger with her and Abel Halderman (who was asleep - Kat and I were watching to see if he'd fall in the water) when Colleen Brennan called to see if we could pop over to Tsunami to hear something on the stream. And yes, of course she sent a TP that landed us all in the water.

Sure enough, there was some Rock N' Roll solo sing'n being streamed all over the sim. The surprising part to me was it was being accompanied by a ukulele. Big deal with a rendition of Clapton's Tears in Heaven, right?

Then this mysterious rocker really started crank'n it up. I was totally blown away by Pinball Wizard. How many strings ya got on that thing, Nash Laville?

I've decided I'm going to try to put together an SL rock band. If SLavE Girls will loan me their drums and Nash'll join me, I'm just looking for a good Rock N' Roll bagpipe player. Any of y'all know one? Wonder what we should call ourselves… hmmmm

Photos courtesy of Abel Halderman

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