Saturday, October 2, 2010

ASA Spring Carnival!!!

submitted by Rayzza Rubble

Date:  Saturday, 2 October, 2010,
Time:  4 PM SLT
Place:  Monkey Cove

Sun, Fun and some aussie tunes..... and, of course, all ya mates!

4 PM SLT Mini Surf Comp
Turn up on the day to compete for the Spring Carnival Surf Champ.  The first 10 surfers to turn up and register on the day will compete:

Registration will be taken from 3PM SLT on the day.
Best 2 scores on 3 waves will go to a finals showdown - any board ya like.

1st Place $500L + Trophy + Surf pic + Didgeridoo + esky full of beer
2nd Place $250L + Trophy + Esky Full of beer
3rd Place $100L + Trophy + Esky Full of beer
** Plus all surfers will receive some special aussie gifts from Pray 4 Surf

5.30 PM SLT Bikini Contest ( open to men and women :)))))

Get that brazillian wax ya always wanted and get your hottest bikini on and come down and strut your stuff for the Spring Carnival Bikini Contest - Just sign up on the day to enter.
here will be several very sexy surfers judging this contest.. no shortage of volunteers for this one!

Prizes for :

Hottest Bikini $300L
Sexiest Walk $300L
Ugliest Bikini (Obviously for the men cause every girl is hot in a bikini) $300L

6 PM SLT Jet Ski Races

Bring your own Jet Ski or borrow one on the day and sign up for a race around the sim!

Judging will include:
Fastest for 2 laps $300L
Best jump off ramp $300L
Most crashes with other Jetskis. $300L


Yep thats right.. a naked party wave... if ya game.. come just for the blackmail pics ;)))

Friday, October 1, 2010

What do you do in your spare time???

Has anybody ever wondered what Pova Rustamova does in his spare time, when he's not winning surf competitions and managing Goombah Estates?  Tell us what you like to do in your spare Second Life (SL) time!  Add it to our comments!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

2010 SL Surfing Competition and Special Events Calendar

Mori Pwani Event

Date:  Saturday, October 2, 2010
Time:  1 PM SLT
Place:  The Deck at Mori Pwani
Event:  Celebration of Mori before the sim closes!  Share good times with good friends and have one last ho-down on deck!!!


ASA - Australian Surf Association

Date:  Saturday, October 2, 2010
Time:  4 PM SLT
Place:  Monkey Cove
Event: ASA  Spring Carnival!  Mini surfing competition, contest and prizes, beer and dancing and partying like only the Aussies can do!  Don't miss it!


Second Life Surfing Association 2010 Season 2 Competitions

Date:  Saturday, October 16, and Saturday, October 23
Time:  11:AM SLT
Place:  Bundoran
Event:  SLSA Pro and Invitational surfing competitions; pipe waves; shortboard

Date:  Saturday, November 6, and Saturday, November 13
Time:  11:AM SLT
Place:  Chi
Event:  SLSA Pro and Invitational surfing competition; Chi 4 year anniversary; fluffy waves; shortboard

Date:  Saturday, December 4, and Saturday, December 11
Time:  11:AM SLT
Place:  Mori
Event:  SLSA Pro and Invitational surfing competition; epic wave; longboard


If you have an event you would like added to the calendar, please contact Lissa Pinion!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mari's Mailbag: Magic

submitted by Marianna Monentes

The one thing I love the most about Second Life (SL) is the magic. Everything is!! Our waves to me are magic....our silly bases for shoes that turn our feet into high heels, the fact that we magically never have to wash our clothes! I recently found some hair that is going to revolutionize SL!! You may have seen similar type hair but I ran across this thumbing through XStreet pages which is one of my favorite pastimes. This hair is called IA Magic Hair! It has a menu with so many color choices but it gets better than that!! You can color the bangs or locks separate from the base hair which gives you endless possibilities!! Different styles, different accessories, one purchase is like buying an endless combination!  Check it out here:

Monday, September 27, 2010

HP Extreme Surf 2010

submitted by Colleen Brennan

Winners of the Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL (ABSSL) HP Extreme Surf 2010 held Sunday, September 26, 2010:

1st Place - Wilfrid Decuir
2nd Place - Tico Bechir
3rd Place - Maik Kimono

Sunday, September 26, 2010

SLSA Bachelor/Bachelorette Date Auction

Submitted by Kantbe Thursday

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) is conducting a Bachelor/Bachelorette Date Auction as a fund raiser for supporting the SLSA's sim, Archipelago. Entry forms can be picked up on the beach at Archipelago and turned in to MaryAnn Maa along with a picture (copy permissions).
If you're interested in unconditional love, now may be your chance for that perfect date. Bandit has entered as one of the Bachelors. Drop by and put in your bid for a 2 hour date with the guy/girl of your dreams.  Don't delay - get in your date bid!  Bidding on this auction closes at midnight SLT on Thursday, September 30, 2010!!  You might find that special someone to share your SL with, or maybe just have the date of your life!  [Disclaimer:  The SLSA takes no responsibility for what happens on the date, especially after 2 hours]

Down Memory Wave...

Back in early 2009, all we worried about was laying in the sun and catching some the first to post the name of this Second Life (SL) surfer in the comments section (hint:  aka "Bigfoot") who was one of the first of the early SL surfers and win 250L!