Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ashleigh's Advice #2: Responses & Head Games!

submitted by Ashleigh Dickins

Well, so far there’s been a good response to my initial column. But I understand it will take some time for others among you to come out of their shells and ask me questions. So this time around, I’m going to answer a couple of comments from last time real quick, and then I’ll focus on an issue I recently came across with a friend on Plurk.
Jimbo writes:
For starters, can you tell everyone your secret on how to grow two additional sets of arms like you did in your photo? A person could increase their hugs output by 200% with a couple extra pair. Thanks!
Dear Jimbo,
I would love to tell you the secret on how I grew two additional sets of arms. Unfortunately, I really can’t. You see, unbeknownst to men, about 90% of women in the world are actually born with two extra sets of arms. A majority of these women are of French descent.  This explains why they have a reputation for not shaving. All that excess armpit hair covers the slit where the arms come in and out from; they’re almost telescopic. You will find that these same women are also those who are very successful at balancing multiple jobs, multiple kids, kids with a job, or kinky sex (when you’re blindfolded you won’t see us take out our arms.) As much as the world could use 200% more Jimbo hugs, the sad truth is, you’re stuck resorting to photoshopping them on, sorry!
Kantbe writes:
I'm waiting for Ash to market that 32 hour a day clock of her's. I've heard she's working on a SurfWatch logo one, too!
Dear Kantbe,
You Kantbe giving away my secrets! Yes, it’s true, I am working on a 32-hour/day clock. Unfortunately beta testing has hit some major snags (I’m still trying to grow back my eyebrows.) However, once I do manage to get it just right, I will let you all know, and I have the SurfWatch logo to plaster on it ready to go!
Mick writes:
Please advise us how to paddle like a motor boat, too, Ash.
Dear Mick,
See my response to Jim. It’s those extra arms! Alternatively, you could try some Red Bull.  Just be careful, I hear it gives you wings!

Now for the main event. I have got some fresh new advice for you on a subject near and dear to my head. Hair.
Wait, keep reading, because this is for GUYS!

I figure us females pretty much have that hair thing covered in SL, aside from looking for a certain style or the money to buy more. However, guys have far fewer choices. In fact, guys seem to get the shaft on a lot of things in SL. Well, I’m here to help you out. Most guys I know don’t do shopping for fun, nor do they subscribe to fashion blogs. If they do, then they don’t need this help most likely. But for all you manly surfer dudes out there surfing bald or wearing hair that is poorly made and not your style (you know who you are *cough*), this is for you.

I dragged out Quench Spotter to give me a hand with showing what I mean. He was nervous, not wanting to lose his current style. However, once I promised to only use the designers’ demo wigs, and only one store, he came along for this fun experiment in style. Check out the pictures below.

There are a handful of great stores out there.   I’m going to give you 4 to get you started. If you want new hair and still strike out here, let me know. Leave me a comment or something and I’ll give you a hand finding that look you always wanted. But for now, guys, check out the male hair sections at: KMADD, Tiny Bird, Truth and Uncleweb Studio! Also keep in mind, Hair Fair 2010 is coming up, but that’s a whole ‘nuther post!

Friday, August 13, 2010

SLSA Benefit Pah-tayyyyy!!!

Friday the 13th is about more than just superstition.  This month, it's about celebrating good times with good friends!  Head on out to Archipelago to share da love and support the Second Life Surfing Association!  What better way to spend a Friday?  Join Tauri Tigerpaw and the SLSA at 6 PM SLT at Archipelago for a live musical performance!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mari's Mailbag: Who are your SLSA Directors?

submitted by Marianna Monentes

I am often asked who are our Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Directors? How many are on the Board? Well, I will start by telling you there are 5 sitting Directors on the Board. They are Bobbi Laval, Harbor Piers, Syx Toshi, Countess ( Connie) Decosta, and Colleen Brennan. What makes each one unique? Here is a little history for you.

Bobbi Laval has been surfing and been an active member of the surfing community since the first SLSA season in 2007. She has surfed in all but one SLSA event, always finishing a season in the Top 10. Bobbi was inducted into the SL Surfing Hall of Fame. More recently, she has become known for her photography, conceptual art and digital paintings. She has shown her work at several major galleries around SL with very positive critical acclaim.

Harbor Piers has been surfing the shores of SL since December of 2008. Originally a non-competitor, Harbor would surf the beaches on various sims throughtout SL with nothing but having fun on his mind. Harbor started competing in SLSA sanctioned competitions at the end the 2009 season and now has 2 full seasons of experience under his belt, all with Team Boracay. In the latest season, Harbor finished in the charts at number 5, enjoying every bit of surfing that comes his way. "Competition at first was a stretch, because to me, surfing is for pure recreation and enjoyment. Once I saw how competiton brings the entire SL surfing community together, the stoke and skill was unbelievable. That's when I knew that I wanted to be a part of that."

Syx Toshi first rezzed in SL October 2007.  Being a real life surfer, he was immediately addicted to surfing here in SL. At first he rented a half sim and bought his first pipeline waves. About 6 months later, he moved to renting the entire sim and adding a small surf shop. After the first year, he decided to make the move and bought a full and homestead sim. He says, "It wasn’t very popular, but had a small following until a great group of Aussies found the place and really are the reason Monkey Cove is what it is today. Monkey Cove is 8 sims with public surfing on every sim except one. There are over 40 great residents and a large surf shop." He is a member of the SLSA, ABSSL, ASA, Team Tsunami, and has his own group, the Surf Monkeys.  Here are facts Syx has been kind enough to share: I don't normally surf in comps, but love surfing with friends. I do not have a partner, I have a dog here that constantly gets lost, his name is Thor. Favorite wave is tie between Epic and Sunset, love them both! First surfboard: ANALOG Samurai, Favorite Surfboard: SS6 Sea Dragon.

Countess DeCosta says, "Surfing is what you make it. Friends, good times and having laughs. It's not about winning or who's better or rankings." She believes everyone is ranked number one. Her real life as she grew up in the water on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Her first board she got at the age of 10 and seeing this gaint wave powering down on her. Her first wipeout at 10, she still remembers 40 years later. She says, " Never give up. Pick that board up and head out again and conquer that wave." She spent over 10 years in the surfing scene, Iron Women circuit, and loves the feel of the salt air and the ocean beneath her. SL surfing rocks. She came across SL surfing one day at Surf City and met a bunch of cool surfer dudes who said, "Hell yeah, there's surfing in SL." She grabbed her first SL board and ran straight out into the surf not knowing how to ride the board. The fact that a community can come together and hang and surf with friends is all good in her book!

Colleen Brennan "born on 7/19/2006 and started flat-water surfing in Sl before I even found surfable waves. I have been in every SLSA competition since the first one and hope to keep the streak alive somehow in the future. I have gotten lucky and done well on occasion but I always have fun even when I finish last. I originally surfed with GR Boards and when that team broke up, I helped found the Tsunami Beach Surf Club. I have served about two and a half terms as SLSA director ( one previous full term, plus a partial term filling a vacancy, and about 80% of my current term.) I love surfing In SL as well as real life (RL). I love helping new people and the welcome mat is always out at Tsunami Beach for anyone interested in surfing. We will lend you boards and you will meet nice helpful people almost 24/7. We also have some really great fountains made by Mari so if you just want to relax, have a seat by one and watch the waves roll in at sunset."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Lifeguard at Mori Pwani

submitted by Jimbo the Cartboy

It seems there's been a lot of funny business going on at Mori Pwani Beach lately. Recently there have been numerous reports of questionable behavior and shenanigans going on over there. Reports of certain lifeguards (whom will remain nameless) spending more time in the guard shack drinking beer and watching cute girls in bikinis rezzing their surfboards, than actually saving distressed surfers out in the water. Numerous reports of substance abuse, disorderly conduct, and an illegal gambling operation have also drawn both concern and outrage from people throughout the surfing community.
Recently, community do-gooder, Bandit, has been called in as a new lifeguard at Mori Pwani to keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior and to watch for life guards and other staff members engaged in unethical behavior. With Bandit on the scene, surfers can rest assured that their beaches will be safe from slackers, griefers, drama queens, vampires more persistent than mosquitoes, streakers, litter bugs, and other silly people that make the beaches unsafe. You’re always in good paws with Bandit!

Monday, August 9, 2010

SLSA Director Nominations

Tuesday, August 10, 2010, the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) will begin taking nominations to fill the two Director seats currently held by Bobbi Laval and Colleen Brennan.  The election will be held on September 1, 2010.  Staying to complete their additional 3 months will be Countiss Decosta, Syx Toshi (who filled the term not completed by Kimmy Jigsaw) and Harbor Piers.  If you are interested in running for SLSA Director, log onto and follow the instructions to submit your intent to run.

Laval Photography Gallery Presents...

With the Grand Opening on Sunday, August 8, 2010, featuring live music by Clairede Dirval, Laval Photography Gallery and Studio at San Gabriele (205, 32, 22) is running a new three artist show thru the month of August.

The show features:

The photography of Sunshine Zhangsun (winner of the SurfWatch Anniversary Photography Contest)
The original paint on glass surf art of Oldsurferdude Danitz (who currently has a shop open at Southend, Goombah Estates)
Paintings and photography by Bobbi Laval (acclaimed Second Life artist)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Africa in SL

Looking for a little adventure off the swell?  Then check out Virtual Africa 128, 78, 22 - Africa in SL. 

You can get an overview of "metaAfrica Park" on a hot air balloon or float thru the incredible scenery on a virtual African raft; camp out, dance, meditate, adopt a meercat and so much more!  Visit the ranger's station for an overview of what the sim has to offer.