Saturday, August 7, 2010

SurfWatch Wave Report

Click on the link in the sidebar to the right for an updated list of SL surfing sims by wave type!  Kantbe Thursday is constantly scouring the grid for surf sim changes and wave updates!  If you have any updates, feel free to leave in the comments section and we'll add it to the list, or contact Kantbe Thursday, Lissa Pinion or Tauri Tigerpaw to update!

Who's watching da surf?


Mari's Mailbag: Defiance

submitted by Marianna Monentes

Wanted to touch on something I have witnessed over the past year or so. It's when those in our community become defiant. When their positions or views have been ignored or punished for reasons that were harmful to the community, yet they continue thier position regardless of how others feel.

To me, it's selfish to push your views on others when it's clear they are not well received. Sure, people need to have and state their opinions.  Not all are accepted or received well, even mine. The problem, however, is when the person whose idea it is pushes it upon others when clearly it's not accepted. To me, that's selfish. Not caring about others, the majority, just your views and making sure you are heard.

Intentionally arrogant, hostile challenge is a defiant act. We are all in this community together. We all have opinions and ideas and that's what makes life interesting and prosperous. It creates vision. It is only detrimental when that opinon is forced upon others regardless of it being well received or not. You know the difference. Stop the hostile attitudes and develop a position that introduces your opinion without force. Chances are your opinion will get more mileage that way.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sally's 4th at SurfSide

August 5, 2010, SurfSide Hideaway at Tai was the site of fireworks, celebration, exploding cakes and an afternoon line up of live music to celebrate Sally LaSalle's 4th Rez Day!

Creative Cakes by Mari New Location!

Open at her new location, Creative Cakes by Mari (Marianna Monentes) is still dishing up the best cakes in Second Life (SL)!  Combining custom detail cake design with realistic cake eating scripts, you can buy cakes off the display or talk to Mari about a custom design for that special occasion.  Beautiful and delicious!  Come visit the shop at her new location at the beautiful Southend at Goombah eestates and stay tuned for information on the grand opening celebration being planned!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

SLSA Announces 2010 Season 2 Fixtures

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) has announces the fixtures for 2010 Season 2:


Cortes wave?, choice or long or shortboard
August 21, Pro
August 28, Invitational

Monkey Cove

Joaquina, Longboard
Sept 11, Pro
Sept 19, Invitational

Bundoran Reef

Pipes, Shortboard
Oct 16, Pro
Oct 23, Invitational

Chi (4th Anniversary of Chi)

Fluffies, Shortboard
Nov 6, Pro
Nov 13, Invitational


Epic, Longboard
Dec 4, Pro
Dec 11, Invitational

Sally LaSalle Celebrates 4 Years in SL!!!

You are invited to join the party for the celebration of Sally LaSalle's 4th rezday on Thursday, August 5!  Come, have fun and party at the fabulous SurfSide Hideaway at Tai:

The following live musicians will play for Sally's rezday:

2:PM SLT          Untolerable Bohemian
3:PM SLT          Ciske Crumb
3:45 PM SLT     Lexie Luan
4:30 PM SLT     Hayduke Schnook
5:PM SLT          Zorch Boomhauer
6:PM SLT          Tauri Tigerpaw

Hours of live music, fireworks, dancing, celebration, fun and Sally!  Don't miss it!

Juna Closes Black Book!

submitted by Arjuna Bombastic

Alright breaking news....Juna is throwing away his blackbook, and getting married to an awesome woman.

I wanted to happily announce my recent engagement to a long time friend. Our friendship has come full circle, we are now entering our future. On 27th July, after a nice day of riding every wave there was at Monkey, I cleared my mind and it all made sense to me ... I had found the ride to make me happy that i never want to end, and I proposed to my bride to be Myst.

So, to that end, we would like to have a party to celebrate. Friday the 20th of August, 8pm SLT. The location will be our house. Please come and celebrate our happiness with us as we embark on our future together. Wedding invitations are to follow next week. We love you very much and can’t wait for you to celebrate with us :)

Mark your calendars:

Party Location:  Mystyre Sapphire's Dancing Place, Whiteley (177, 106, 33)
Party Date and Time:  Friday, August 20, 8 PM SLT

The Excellent Adventures of...

submitted by Mari Monentes and Tauri Tigerpaw

Tauri:  Mari, whaddya wanna do today?
Mari:  Let's go see a horror movie!!!
Tauri:  Only if you get the extra large popcorn!!!

Situated at Sawrey (235, 142, 751), Sky Cinema Fly-In Theater is the hottest in Second Life (SL) "drive-in" or, more accurately, "fly-in" movie theater going!

C3 Sky Cinema is THE place to watch retro science fiction, horror, and B-movies in SL.  Park your spaceship or starship and enjoy!  During the break, run inside for popcorn and other refreshments.

To rez your own spaceship, just search for the C3 Sky Cinema Group and join!  Or watch the movie from the 2 floors of the lounge or from the spaceships docked in front of the screen.

Then sit back, stuff yourself with munchies, and enjoy the show!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Hole in One

When you need a break from the break, dust off your clubs or pick up a new set and head on over to Cheeky Cow Golf Club's Championship Golf Course (Kitykana 2, 195, 56, 25). 

You can purchase clubs or you can rent them for a very reasonable price, complete with HUD. 

And you never know who you'll see on the green! 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

OSD Gallery

Browse the amazing artwork of oldsurferdude Danitz, RL and SL artist, at OSD Gallery now open at Southend at Goombah Estates!   Beautifully decorated and displaying OSD's skill with this genre of artistry, sharing his love of surfing in addition to a broad range of artistic topics, you'll want to allow plenty of time for viewing his works.  In addition to OSD's art, you'll find specialty items with an Australian flair designed by his partner, Desne Aabye.  And be on the watch for more information on the grand opening celebration to come!

The Temp

SurfWatch recently contacted a temp agency to get some help covering the receptionist desk at SurfWatch Headquarters at beautiful Boracay Island. 

After a very grueling selection process, one candidate clearly stands out above the rest to spend a day assisting the staff.

Take a memo, Busta (Rustamova)!  And no, the staff doesn't get a 10 minute tequila break every hour (it's more like every 2 hours!)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Retailer's Special at Southend

For a limited time only, open shop on Southend at the beautiful Goombah Estates (Southend 205, 197, 21) for the unheard of deal of first month's rent at half price!  Imagine your shop mixed with boardwalk, clubhouse, ocean view, surfing, horseback riding and so much more - and all for an incredible first month half price!!!  Shops are opening now, so if you've ever thought about trying out a shop of your own, now's the time!  Limited space available - don't wait!  Contact Nire Kiranov for more details today!  And tell her you read about it in SurfWatch!

Good waves...good waves...

Countess Decosta, Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Director and owner of Island Sea Dreams, praying to the surf gods for good waves this coming season!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Super Surf 2010!

scores courtesy Leogarto Burt; podium photo courtesy Wilfrid DeCuir

Final results for Super Surf 2010 held on Sunday, August 1, 2010 (click on image to enlarge):

Top 3 on the podium were:
1st place:  Bobbi Laval
2nd place:  Maik Kimono
3rd place:  Wilfrid DeCuir

Breaking News - Mahali Meth Lab!

In a shocking development on the beach scene, the site of surf, fun and play was today a crime scene location as SurfWatch's crime tip number received reports of a meth lab on Mahali. 

SurfWatch immediately tp'd to the scene to investigate.  QUENCH Spotter was found performing CPR on a beautiful bystander who unwittingly entered the lab and had to be pulled to safety after exposure to toxic substances.

While Mr. Spotter has had no formal training in CPR, he insisted he be allowed to attempt it in this case, and we applaud his concern for the welfare of the public.

When asked for a statement on this lab found on his sim, Mr. Spotter stated, "It's awful! For the record, I do not use drugs nor condone their use for anyone unless it's naturally grown and of high quality!
This type of behavior is not welcomed in Mori resorts! I'm disgusted and hurt that people in the surfing community would build such random drug labs right under our noses (no pun intended). One sec, textures are spinning~...Oh yes! And a full investigation is in order to stop such practices! Please everyone, let's stand as ONE!! And stop this monster before it affects all our surf babes and sucks in their bodies and faces.... um, I meant our children!"  SurfWatch believes Mr. Spotter may have investigated the substance a little too closely...

VW Sands, owner of the Mori resorts, remains unavailable for comment.  QUENCH Spotter states it's believed that his brother-in-law is said to be hiding out in Columbia evading trafficking laws of high quality cannabis in the USA and Sweden.
Word on the street is investigators may have to call in Bandit to scour the scene for clues and crack this case.  SurfWatch will keep you posted on breaking news in this case!