Saturday, July 3, 2010

Aussie Tai Open Results for Saturday, July 3, 2010

photos submitted by Syx Toshi and oldsurferdude Danitz
scores courtesy Ashleigh Dickins

Finals Results for the Aussie Tai Open of Saturday, July 3, 2010:


Arjuna Bombastic - 15.83333
Painless Skytower - 15.16667
oldsurferdude Danitz - 14.50000
Crusader Arado - 14.16667
CoolKat Delicioso - 14.16667
Yendor Destiny - 13.66667
Desne Aabye - 13.00000
followingwaves Sirbu - 11.66667

HEAT 1 SCORES: (color order)

oldsurferdude Danitz - 14.66667
CoolKat Delicio - 15.00000
Gorka Urriah - 14.00000
Mick Lunasea - 12.83333

HEAT 2 SCORES: (color order)

Rayzza Rubble - 15.16667
Painless Skytower - 15.66667
Quench Spotter - 14.83333
Arjuna Bombastic - 16.16667

HEAT 3 SCORES: (color order)

Crusader Arado - 14.50000
Figger Arun - 13.66667
Yendor Destiny - 15.16667
Velvetori Twine - 14.00000

HEAT 4 SCORES: (color order)

Harbor Piers - 0.000000
Desne Aabye - 13.16667
followingwaves Sirbu - 13.83333
Willy Sabretooth - 12.66667

Aussie Tai Surf Open Heat Draws for Saturday, July 3, 2010

submitted by Desne Aabye

The Aussie Tai Surf Open

Saturday 3rd July 3pm slt

Desirae Beaumont

sven Homewood
Bobbi Laval

Location:  ASA Observation Deck, Chi (10, 185, 38)

Heat 1

1 oldsurferdude Danitz
2 CoolKat Delicioso
3 followingwaves Sirbu
4 Mick Lunasea

Heat 2

1 Rayzza Rubble
2 Painless Skytower
3 Quench Spotter
4 Arjuna Bombastic

Heat 3

1 Colleen Brennan
2 Figger Arun
3 Countess Decosta
4 Yendor Destiny

Heat 4

1 Harbor Piers
2 Desne Aabye
3 Claire Eglerion
4 Willy Sabretooth


Revlon Benoir
Velvetori Twine
Gorka Urriah

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mari's Mailbag: Time to Explore

submitted by Marianna Monentes

Not sure if you have noticed my being away lots lately.  Seems all my friends come visit during the summer months to tour the grandeur of this place I call home. It's great seeing good friends, but I have sure missed chatting with all of you. The surf season has now winded down to its close, and and you will no doubt want to take advantage of Kantbe's (Thursday) surf sim list to check out places you have only heard about. So many great places to see, like Syx's (Toshi) Aussie Cove. I happen to be married to an Aussie and know they do it right. Some of the features of Aussie Cove is that it is the 7th sim in the Monkey Cove Surf Estate and rests on a small quiet laguna. The cove is home to several rental huts each with their own unique style. There are fluffies which have a small ½ sim run to the beach. When I asked about the amenities, he answered simply, "The only amenities are peace and quiet."

This sim is different from most in that its a short walk to just about any surfing wave in Second Life (SL), but far enough away to provide the peaceful retreat that is so hard to find. So let's get out there and check out these spectacular beaches waiting to welcome you with their warm beaches and rolling waves. Surf's Up!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

SLSA's New Voting System

submitted by Lissa Pinion

On June 1, 2010, three new Directors (Harbor Piers, Countess Decosta, and Kimmy Jigsaw) were voted into office by 15 voters using the new voting machine system. If you have been a member of the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) for any length of time and have participated in the election process, you know it was a lengthy ordeal with the possibility of errors both on the voter end as well as the election panel end. Lost or improperly submitted notecards, not all members of the election panel may receive your notecard, etc. Potential voters often voiced concerns with anonymity and with having to send their notecard to five individuals. SurfWatch recently caught up with former SLSA Director and creator of the new voting machine, Sally LaSalle, to talk about the new voting system and how it impacts the SLSA.

SurfWatch: Can you tell us the reason behind creating a voting machine?
Sally LaSalle: The voting machine was conceived during my previous term as Director back in 2008, there were two main reasons for building it. The first reason was that the previous voting method was often perceived as complex and confusing. It relied on the voters creating a no modify notecard with their choices on it and sending it to each of 5 Directors. Voters often set the permissions incorrectly, causing them to have to resubmit.  Often also, not all the Directors received all cards, so it made the tallying process complex and slow.  The second reason, is that the election panel, made up of the current directors, had information about who voted for who. Althugh forbidden to speak about specific voter votes by the constitution, there were still members that were reluctant to vote fearing (however implausible) potential disfavour by incumbent and outgoing directors.

The new voting "machine" (it's really just a script) , addresses these two issues.  To vote now, the voter simply clicks the box, selects and confirms their candidates and receives a receipt.
"Click, Pick, Check, Save"
As for anonymity, the script provides no access ever either to the election panel or the voting machine owner, to information about who voted for who, nor even running tallies for specific candidates during the election.
The script is open source meaning that it is provided for anyone to view in the SLSA forum, and it also can be received by the voter during their vote. This makes vote tampering impossible. A great deal of thought went into the design of the script to make sure it met the goals of the design.

SW: Sally, with the first voting session completed, what do you see as the biggest improvement and what do you see as an area to be improved on?
SL: Well, the past election was a bit of a "dead rubber" being that there were 3 candidates for 3 positions, so the result was never in question. I think this is the primary reason for the low voter turn out (15 voters). Given that however, I took a vox pop from some of the voters asking them what they thought of the new process.  All the feedback was very positive, saying it was simple easy and clear.

SW: Anything else you would like us to know about the new voting machine?
SL: There were a couple of minor teething issues. The system didn't check the spelling in the eligible voters list so a couple of eligible voters couldn't place their vote on the main machine. This has been corrected, as well as the ability to add voter names after the election opens so that eligible people missed can be added if necessary.  The other bit of interesting feedback, from one voter was that they would have liked to have registered an "invalid vote" as "an expression of their opinion about one or more candidates".  Oh and a bit of trivia, the blue pattern on one side of the voting box is a 3D stereogram of the SLSA logo, so if you stare at it and cross your eyes a bit you will see a 3D image of the SLSA logo :P

SurfWatch also conducted a "man on the street" style interview asking, "What did you think about the new voting machine?"

"I think it's brilliant. It's very easy and it's confidential. A huge improvement over the old notecard system. I think this new voting process will generate a much larger voter turnout!"-Tauri Tigerpaw

"I like it! With a few reservations (laugh).........Having an automated system prevents potential problems with miss counting. It also provides a secure way of keeping the tally secret until the voting period has ended.

A MAJOR drawback is that it does not allow partial votes. That is to say it does not allow
the members to actually vote for the folks they support without voting for the minimum number of candidates. In this last "vote" it was totally meaningless as 3 folks ran for 3 seats.
So to add insult to injury (my vote did not count even though it wouldn't have mattered anyway) I would prefer to see a system that allows the members to actually vote for the candidate(s) they support even if (in normal circumstances) their vote would be disallowed.

Again, I like the idea but the information gained by allowing "real" votes would better serve the board in my opinion." -VW Sands

"They are a good solution and gives instant results, without a need for the election committee to count the votes. From my experience, I can say it always took a lot of time and there were errors in counting votes, which had to be corrected. Also, I recall a few times when voting cards were not sent to all committee members, not being able to find cards in my inventory, or not being able to read them. With the machine, those problems disappear. The main thing about the voting machine is that surfers can be sure the results are correct. I especially like that the script is an open source, which was my condition for supporting the project. Well done SLSA." -Abel Halderman

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Forever Summer Surf Festival Wraps Up

pictures courtesy of Mick Lunasea, Abel Halderman and Lissa Pinion

What happens when you get people who love surfing and want to spread that stoke to others? That's right! Forever Summer Surf Festival! Revlon Benoir and Mick Lunasea hosted a week long surf festival with booths, vendors, games, contests, entertainment, demos, and the best festival food around!

Wrapping up the week was the sweet new HP5 board demo by HP's Leogarto Burt, a surf safari style mini comp sponsored by Vibrations, an awesome photo contest sponsored by Syx Toshi of Monkey Cove, the amazing cover band The Beach Boys, a booth exhibition contest, two great speakers from the surf community (Sally LaSalle and Sebastian Saramago), and a smoking hot Fashion Show! Holy moly is right! Keep reading for scores and pictures.

Vibrations Surf Alliance Surf Safari Mini Comp Winners...1st place: Maryann Maa and oldsurferdude Danitz, 2nd place: Kim Henig, 3rd place: Maxwell Silvansky


Livia Nayar's Dreaming took 1st Place in the Photo Contest
Syx Toshi's Surf Shop 6 took 1st Place in Booth Exhibition

Fashion Show models walked the catwalk showing off some of the hottest surf wear designers in SecondLife

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Surf Fest 2010 Featuring Sebastian Saramago

Sunday, June 27, 2010, Sebastian Saramago was asked to be a special guest speaker at Surf Fest 2010. Following is a posting of his talk:
Hello all three of you and thanks for coming out today. I promised someone I would try not to make this the same old boarding lecture, so I got completely wasted before hand. Just kidding...Thalia would kill me for sure. Love ya, hun. I apologize ahead of time for any typos. I did not have time for Thalia to proof read it!

So, today''s topic is (deep echoing voice) “The FUTURE of SURFING TECHNOLOGY” Or some such. What does that really mean to us in Second Life? Its means a few things to me.

The first and probably most talked about is using the latest techniques and tools to develop the best surfboards and waves possible in Second Life. That is a tall order and one we always keep in mind when planing the next phase of development. On our part, the importance will be in committing the time and resources to achieve this. We have taken steps in the last few weeks to free up the bottlenecks and start updates and production flowing again. It's all about team work.

The Second thing I would like to focus on is the future of the community in SL surfing. This is not talking about enough as I see it. Bring in new people to the fun of surfing is not only a good time had in the afternoon, meeting new friends, but its also vital to bringing the money into the sims that host the waves we love to surf. I have some ideas on how to do this. They might seem a little corny, but I think it will be fun. I will share one as an example.

Myself or a volunteer or paid surfer to stand in areas like welcome area, concerts and other events they attend and promote surfing. They way they would do this is a bit cheesy, but might be effective. The av will have a surfboard attached in a pose like holding the board upright kinda leaning on it. They need to be dressed in surf gear and look hot (lol).  No noob avs. The board texture will be a sign that says something like, "Want to try surfing waves? IM me for a free surfboard!"   Then when they click the surfboard they receive a note card with this message. "Get your first lesson today at one of the many beaches. Join a community of down to earth people who just love music, waves and having a great time!"

There are people who volunteer to teach surfing now, so perhaps some would like to take shifts teaching people to surf. Thalia and I will be testing this out in the next week.  We will have a kit that can be handed out to volunteers or surf instructors that will be used to market to new surfers.  Included will be a set of surfboards to be given to new surfers. 

Third is what I already mentioned briefly. Support of the sims that host the wave we love to surf on. Really, without them, we don't ride. When we started Surf Systems Inc in 2005, we knew that there would be an issue with people who could give up enough land to dedicate to water. This is no easy choice for a sim owner who wants to decorate or bring in profit. People who love the water as we do and desire a surf beach do so at a sacrifice of usable space for commerce. To offset this, our plan was to work out a system to give back sales to the owners. The first phase was the spit in profit, then the subsequent increase in profit to the surfboard sellers. We have plans in the new feature to take this a step further by allowing the community to share in more products soon to be released by SSi with far greater profits to the resalers.

I really appreciate the opportunity to let me get up here and blab away again. I really do love this a lot, and it's only you who enable my habit. Thanks for that. Mahalo.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Surf Fest 2010 Featuring Sally LaSalle

photo courtesy Bobbi Laval

Saturday, June 26, 2010, Sally LaSalle was asked to be a special guest speaker at Surf Fest 2010. Following is a posting of her talk:

Hi, I am Sally LaSalle.  Mick and Revy asked me to give a short talk today on supporting your surfing community, so here I am.  This won’t be a talk about me and what I have done, it won’t be a talk about the SLSA, it won’t be a talk about judging or voting machines, this is a talk about *YOU*, the SL community.
So ….

The world turns, the seasons change, off-shore may be two hundred miles away, a storm whips up winds, and those winds make ripples on the ocean’s surface.  Those ripples grow and combine, and two hundred miles later, they swell and rise and curl and crash against the shore.  Standing on the shore at first staring out across the green blue ocean, men and women leaning on their boards gaze in wonder.  This confluence of air, water, and earth ignites a fire in the soul - all elements combine and “surf’s up!”

Paddling out what is to come is a mystery, how will that next wave rise and how high?  Will it run long and smooth or will it top over early?

Will I ride it all the way, or will I wipe out and get churned up with the sand as tons of water tumbles me like a rag doll in a washing machine?  And that sound!!  Standing on a beach hearing even a modest 6 foot swell breaking is like thunder, and the scent of salt in the air, and the feel of the water even in the shallows, dragging around your feet, urging you in.  Yes, I’m talking about real life.

And as you may imagine reading those words, the SL experience, while getting closer every year, is a long way away from reality. (Though reality is the goal of SL surfing developers old and new.)  So why support the *SecondLife* Surfing community?

SL to me has always been a place, literally, in which to ask “what if” questions. What if, I could catch that perfect wave, (while stuck in the middle of a desert)?  What if, I could nail that aerial loop holding the rail (without falling off the board)?  What if, I could sit on the beach with my brahs, telling tall stories and sharing the experience of that “perfect wave” (while stuck on the 30th floor of my apartment building)?   Well guess what? You Can! ... Here, in SL, the surfing community is a place for living that dream, for that Endless Summer of Perfect waves, dodging the sharks and huddled laughing with you mates on the beach afterwards.

“But wait!”, I hear you ask,” I’m not getting wet, I’m not wiping out, I’m not flying”?  No, you aren’t, but that’s where your avatar comes in.   Putting on your avatar should mean in your mind, you slip inside it and feel what it feels, put a little of your *soul* in there, a little of your *heart*, take a risk, catch a wave and transport yourself into the curl.  Ripping and carving on these SL waves, is sometimes criticized for being just “a bunch of finger tapping”, but those critics miss the point!  It’s way more than that!

To surf well in SL as in RL, you need to have a sense of timing, you need to have an understanding of the waves, you need to have developed your sense of balance and equilibrium, your kinesthetic sense, your directional sense, your choreographic sense.  In other words, to feel the waves in SL, there is a lot more going on in your brain than just pushing buttons!!

So yeah, if someone surfs well here, it’s not an accident.  Those folks have practiced their hearts out to develop and coordinate all those senses.  So try it out, be a part of it, feel it, enjoy it and have fun!!  Some folks are so competitively driven, and so focused on winning comps, that they forget to enjoy *the journey* and the mate-ship of their surfing buddies.   And it’s that mate-ship that can truly enrich your secondlife, the friendships and the companionships and the shared experience, that SL Surfing can give you.

And that’s why; you should join in and support the SL Surfing community. But what does “supporting” the SL Surfing Community mean?  The key words in there are “community” and “supporting”.  The word community derives from the Latin terms ‘cum’ (together) and ‘munus’ (gift). And it generally refers to a bunch of people that share a set of common values or circumstances that bind them together.

One thing the SL scripters will likely never simulate is the flat out exhilaration of riding a wave in RL. That is the secret glue that binds the RL surfing world together.  No matter what happens in RL, at the end of the day, you share that common experience, every surfers knows it, every surfer feels it, and it’s like “woah dude” something almost spiritual is going on.

So what’s *our* SL Surfing secret glue?  That’s where the second word comes in, *Supporting*, in RL surfing the word “stoking” is used, and translates roughly into “encouraging”, “feeding the flame”, “giving the good vibes” …. So supporting has nothing to do with cheerleading your team, it has nothing to do with giving money, it has nothing to do with volunteering for event jobs, it has nothing to do with winning!  It’s all about just encouraging your mates to have a good time and then sharing that good time with them. That is how we build a community in SL, and that is the kind of community that I’m sure you will agree, you would like to be a part of.

So, wax down your board, hop on and go catch a wave, but most of all, do it together!! Be that ripple in the storm, and combine with your fellow surfers to create a wave of good will that sweeps thru SL. Make sure you talk to and stoke one person you have never spoken to next time you go out to surf. Don’t just sit in the line-up waiting for your next wave, notice the surfers around you, talk to them, stoke them, watch them on *their* wave!!

And that is one area where SL clearly wins over RL!!, in RL we don’t have built in “cam-lock”, here in SL you get to watch all the way if you want to, up close and personal, and you get to experience each wave in the mind of your surfer mates. That’s what can make SL surfing a great experience for you and the community.  I really hope *you* do! And I Hope to share a wave with you all! Mahalo, Namaste, Shred it! And Party On Dudes!! Thank You.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

HP Kite Boarding

submitted by Luscious Starship

Leogarto Burt has outdone himself again! On June 19th at 1:00am SLT, I bought one of Leo's latest creations - the Kite Surfboard - at HP Surf Point. It's not quite a surfboard, windsurfer or simboard but is something in between and 100% pure fun!

When you buy a Kite Board, it might be a little intimidating because it seems like there are so many parts, but once you figure out that most of the parts are just decorartions, it's really not bad at all. The entire kite board package consists of 5 parts:
1.) The surfboard part which you "SURFAR" or Sit on,
2.) a picture of the surfboard (which you wear on your right foot),
3.) a harness,
4.) a parasail, and
5.) a helmet.

The only thing you really need to move around like you're on a kite board is part 1.) the surfboard. It's a bit strange, though, because when you right click on the board and select "SURFAR", the board disappears! When you stand up, it becomes visible again, so you won't lose it (plus it is copyable). I think the reason behind this is so that eventually Leo can offer a part 2.) the shoe that looks like a board as a MOD part for people to make their own designs for the boards without needing to make the operational board modifiable. The harness and parasail are very detailed and give you the illusion that the sail is "pulling" you when you move, though they are not required to be able to move the surfboard. The helmet if you're a girl *replaces* your hair which isn't particularly attractive, but it does lower the prim count on your av, so I guess the helmet could be considered a lag reduction item.

Now on to the fun part! Kite boarding takes all the fun parts of surfboarding and simboarding and puts them into an experience that is nothing short of pure joy. What's the most laborious part of surfing? Paddling out to the beginning of the wave, right? Well, on the kiteboard, you can "fly" to the beginning of the wave, and fly FAST! Plus you can even perform tricks mid air along the way!! The kite board, in fact, does not even require water or a wave to simply fly around with the kite! Unlike simboarding, control of the kiteboard isn't quite as demanding either.  If you just let go of the controls, you will stay perfectly still on the board and not move anywhere.  No need to constantly adjust to stay in place.

Control of the kiteboard is very similar to control of a surfboard using the arrow keys to control direction and PgUp/PgDn (also "E"/"C") to make your av lift or crouch respectively. Tricks can be performed by holding different keys at the same time. Holding PgUp/PgDn at the same time, for instance, makes you do 360 spins in a crouch position, and you can still move the arrow keys while you're spinning to control your direction! The other cool thing about kiteboarding is that, like windsurfing and sailing, holding the PgUp or "E" key down, you can move left and right and perform "tacking". Though when you are kiteboarding, it turns out the wind direction doesn't really matter, so you can basically fly through anywhere in any direction you like at maximum speed. You can also use the PgDn or "C" key in a similar way and instead of lifting your legs behind you, you will lift the board up to you in a crouch position, the difference being when you are in a crouched position, you can execute really sharp turns mid-air and perform crazy simboard-like turns and spins!

The way the board moves to simulate using the parachute to fly through the air and tilt you sideways and or upside down is truly spectacular. And when you consider the fact that the parachute is really just a piece of clothing (though it's also an animated piece of clothing because when you step off the board it lowers to the ground and depending on how it is pulling you, either one or both of your hands will be attached to it), it's mind boggling thinking about how Leo pulled it off! To top it off, the artwork on these boards *AND* parachutes is nothing short of phenomenal! You'll want them all!

Of course, the only way to experience the latest most thrilling development in the "Evolution" of SL surfing you'll need to GET a KiteSurf board and try it out! Visit HP Surf Point to see the full selection of AMAZING styles of this board and live your surfing dreams on the HP KiteSurf board!

*  Luscious will have a kiteboarding demo at Surf Fest 2010 at 1040 AM SLT Sunday, June 27!

*Additional pictures of Colleen Brennan and Luscious Starship KiteSurfing can be found at: