Monday, June 21, 2010

Mari's Mailbag: Manipulation is Twisted

submitted by Marianna Monentes

Are you easily manipulated? Can people come along and get you to do anything they want with smooth talk? Well, I nearly fell into that trap just recently and thought this would be a good topic to discuss because there are many here in Second Life (SL) who are pro manipulators. This is straight from"Psychological manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the perception or behavior of others through underhanded, deceptive, or even abusive tactics.[1] By advancing only the interests of the manipulator, often at the other's expense, such methods could be considered exploitative, abusive, devious, and deceptive.

Social influence is not necessarily negative. For example, doctors try to persuade patients to change unhealthy habits.[cn] Social influence is harmless when it respects the right of the influenced to accept or reject it, and is not unduly coercive. Depending on the context and motivations, social influence may constitute underhanded manipulation."

That being said, manipulation is an art of influencing another for gain of something and usually they gain you are just left overworked or broke. Let this be a wake up call and arm yourself with some anti-manipulation tactics. Like honesty.  Just let them know you are not interested and stay firm with your decision. Oftentimes, flattery causes me to go blind, and I end up standing on my head or broke.  But take note, manipulators: I have finally seen the light, and I may not be as pleasant as you once knew me.  Honesty isn't always pleasing.


Kantbe Thursday said...

Awww, Mari, no one would ever try to manipulate you. You're too beautiful, charming, bright, and intelligent.

Oh, btw, could I borrow a few lindens? I'm a little short this month.

Just kidding.... really... just jok'n around.....

er, maybe just a few Lindens?

Anonymous said...

nooo more lindens, kinis, boards,tequila yes, cake yes...:-)