Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pacific Coast Extreme Tandem Competition Results

Scores courtesy Abel Halderman
Photos courtesy Mick Lunasea, Bobbi Laval, Colleen Brennan,Quench Spotter

The Pacific Coast Extreme (PCX) competition held Saturday, January 23, 2010, at Tsunami Beach proved once again to be filled with surprises and excitement. 

The final results were:

Quench Spotter and VW Sands:  16.16667
followingwaves Sirbu and Lynda Mimulus:   15.83333
MarkFoo Waverider and  Bodhi Lowtide:  15.66667
Coolkat Delicioso and WickedV Carver:   14.66667

Thalia and Seb Saramago await their heat               
Seb and Wil Decuir in the line up

Seb in the curl                                                              
Seb and Thalia on the front of the wave

Seb after the ride                                                               
VW and Quench take the win

Second Life's newest Place for Games

Mahali Mechi (119, 153, 22), Swahili for "The place for games" or "Games Place", is the newest sim to join Mori and Tuli.  Head past the beautiful three mermaid fountain inside Lucky's to a maze of never ending games and fun.

Mahali is also the home of the Vibrations Surf Alliance (VSA) team clubhouse, with all the comforts for VSA members to hang out and relax.

In addition to these amenities, the new sim offers horseback riding on the white sand beach, wind sailing, hammock laying, and the fire pit gazebo to hang out with your friends.  It's just a quick paddle next door to Mori to catch some surf with friends. 

Come check out Mahali and be prepared to spend the day!

Pacific Coast Extreme Tandem Competition Heat Draws

Important information for today's Pacific Coast Extreme (PCX) Tandem competition: 

Each team wil consist of two riders.  One will ride a long board and paddle out to the right side of the wave. The other will ride a short board and paddle out to the left side. The marshall will tell each team when to take their wave.

Judges will give scores based on the ride of each surfer and team. The consolidated score will be reported and used to determine which team advances from each heat.  One team from each heat will advance to the final round.


(RED) Maldrul Morris & Sunrize Mornington
(BLUE) Giavannamarie Melody & Noie Jinx
(PURPLE)followingwaves sirbu & Lynda Mimulus


(RED) MarkFoo Waverider & Bodhi Lowtide
(BUE) Angelle Aluveaux & Jordan Mendle
(PURPLE) Crusader Arado & Colleen Brennan


(RED) QUENCH Spotter & VW Sands
(BLUE) Coolkat Delicioso & Wicked V Carver
(PURPLE) Snapple Sneerwell & Robin Ember


(RED) Sexy Boy Oh & Mick Lunasea
(BLUE) Countess Decosta & Yendor Destiny
(PURPLE) Bobbi Laval & Velvetori Twine


(Red) Wilfrid decuir & kimmy jigsaw
(Blue) Sebastian & Thalia Saramago

One winning team will advance from each heat to the finals immediately following the preliminary heats.

Friday, January 22, 2010

SJA Custom Boards

Schrottvogel Wei's has a new line of boards - SJA Surfboards 2.0.

These new boards are currently available at SJA Custom Boards at Mori (158, 228, 22)) and will also be available shortly at Chi and Surfcamp.

The shortboards and fish shapes have an SJA exclusive modification that makes the boards, "more agile, more aggressive", according to Wei who also stated they were still Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) competition legal.

This board line is priced to compete with other boards currently on the market.  450L for the trans/no copy/no mod version and more for the
no trans/copy/no mod version.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

After You Wash off the Sand...Fashion in Second Life

From beaches to the hottest clubs, Second Life (SL) surfers are interested in what to wear when they change out of their bikinis and boardies and hit the hot spots.  Check out one of the hottest fashion blogs in SL: Portilo, General Manager of the Opium Fashion Agency blogging division and well known SL fashionista (see, tells us this fashion blog team is approximately 40 strong, seeking out the latest in fashion to pass along.  Regular features include "Opium's Closet" where one of their bloggers writes about a current inventory item that they love; and in-depth designer interviews with the best and brightest of SL's designers.  All of their blogging team are experienced models with an expert eye for fashion and styling and eager to pass along what they consider the best of SL fashion to readers.  Find out what's hot and what SL trends are coming up.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Slumber Party!

The skybox of Angelle Aluveaux and Cloudy Matova was the scene of a rockin' slumber party on Saturday, January 16, 2010.

Dressed in various types of sleepware - from Elmo pajamas and slippers, to boxers, including hair up in rollers, party goers did what all slumber party goers do - party the night away and try not to be the first to fall asleep!

Guests popped in and out all evening, fighting sleep and doing everything to avoid the hot water to the wrist and the peanut butter in the hair!

Dreaming of the Sea...

Island Sea Dreams, Countess Decosta's Australian design surf shop, is proud to announce their newest line of swimwear.  Available in a variety of delicious colors, the Galah line of knitted and crocheted suits, an original and new design by Decosta, are the newest in bathing fashion to hit the beach.  Pick up your favorite color at Island Sea Dreams, Kai moana aloha punana, Jiradic (18, 199, 29).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Discovery - Surfing Second Life - a Walk down Memory Lane

 A Flynn Sheridan video posted at YouTube May 31, 2008
Wilfrid DeCuir, Second Life (SL) surfing Hall of Famer, during Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA)'s Surfline Shortboard Pro. 

Reception Party!

Come out to Southend (135, 71, 21) on Tuesday, January 19, 1 PM SLT, and party!  DJ Ashleigh Dickins will be spinning the tunes while we celebrate the wedding of Marianna Monentes and Reemer Waco, celebrate friendships, and share da looooove!  Join us to share in laughter, love, and new beginnings! There's dancing, surfing, horseback riding, boating...join us!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Second Life Surfing Association Judges Call

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) is sending out a call for people interested in working as judges at their competitions.  They will provide the training, and it is a paid position.  Initial training for a Level 1 judge will cover the basics of theory and practice in a 2-3 hour session.  If you are interested in signing up or getting more information, contact SLSA Directors Desirae Beaumont  and Sally LaSalle.

Win Linden!

We're all avatars in Second Life, but if you've seen the movie Avatar, you'll recognize this familiar shape!  Be the first to guess who the surfing avatar is in these two shots (same person) and win 250L!  Just post in comments and we'll have your linden on the way!

New SurfWatch Headquarters

Located at Stables, the new SurfWatch Headquarters (67, 176, 23) sits in the water on a sim adjacent to Southend, one of Second Life (SL's) surfing beaches.  You can surf to Southend (135, 71, 21), a full sim - part of a 36 sim complex - with changing waves, currently running pipes.  It also has shopping, residential, a boat slip, and a community clubhouse. 

Come explore SurfWatch Headquarters any time.  The beautiful Fountain Fantasy fountain marks the building where the headquarters is currently located.

The big screen TV downstairs is available for public use with ample seating, and the bar is next to whack-a-mole if you're looking to spend a little time with a drink and a game.

Sit in the receptionist seat, greet guests, and help us catch up on our filing and blogging!  You can also go upstairs to the conference room or the actual staff offices and see how SurfWatch monitors all the most popular beaches.

Feel free to explore Stables and relax in the hammock at the duck pond.  Just don't wake up the turtles - they get grumpy.  You can relax around the fire at the top of the waterfall and enjoy the view of the ocean and surrounding sims.

The horse trail runs along the perimeter of the residential island thru to the adjacent sims to the north and south, snaking thru tunnels.  If you don't yet have your own horse, there's a horse rezzer at the south side of the trail.

Explore the secret cave if you can find it , hang out on the beach and watch the dolphin or see if you can spot the shark.

Feel free to check out the barn and let your horse graze awhile.  And stop by the waterfall house while you're looking around and see if Tauri is home and say hi.

We welcome you to come by SurfWatch Headquarters and Stables to visit or relax.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Surfing in Second Life (SL) Guidebook

Interested in what SL surfing is all about but afraid to test the waters?  Having trouble finding one clear source that answers your questions about boards, competitions, etc.?   Be on the lookout for Guidebook Through Surfing in Second Life, Volume I:  The Basics, soon to be released as a three volume series.