Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mini Second Life (SL) Surfing Competition Friday, January 8, 2010

Mori was the site of a last minute mini competition Friday night, January 8, 2010, as surfers shook off the holidays and dipped their bodies and boards into the salty SL waters.  After the last wave of the night, the winners were:

1.  Kim Henig
2.  Cloudy Matova
3.  SexyBoy Oh and Snapple Sneerwell (tied)

Surf Sessions Live 365

information submitted by Kimmy Jigsaw

Having trouble finding surf music to stoke your ride?  Check out Live 365.  Just cut and paste this entire section into your About Land, Media, Music URL:

Kimmy Jigsaw and Mojo Manamiko Carving Kai

This is Wilfrid Decuir's debut video.  He invited Kimmy Jigsaw and Mojo Manamiko to participate in his debut video, carving it up at Kai !!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bobbi Laval - Asian Inspiration

Vertex Plaza Gallery is pleased to invite you to "Asian Inspiration".

A new series by Bobbi Laval.

Opening Reception:
Saturday, January 9th, 5:00 - 6:30 pm SL time
Vertex Plaza Gallery and Laval Artist Studio (Laval at Vertex Plaza, Gemini Elysia 58, 14, 50)

Asian Inspiration is Bobbi's most ambitious project to date. This show fills Vertex Plaza and spills into Bobbi's Studio adjacent to the Plaza. Inspired by historic asian art and culture, she blends Second Life (SL) photography with Asian textures creating pieces that capture the mysticism of asian culture that is so appealing to westerners.

Rough Guide of Second Life (SL) Surfing Spots, Abridged

reprinted with permission of Socks Clawtooth, updated by Kantbe Thursday

This is the VERY basic listing of what's out on the grid, broken apart by wave type offered as of this notecard. Many places have multiple wave styles and like to change them up from time to time, but this list represents what was found at the time they were all checked.

Knowhere, Knowhere (94, 6, 20)
Costa Rica leatherback Turtles, Las Baulas (216, 55, 22)
Monkey Cove, Syx (64, 72, 21)
Mori Pwani - "Friends Beach", Erie heights (121, 221, 21)
Neart Surf Epic II, Free Lo, Neart (23, 65, 26)
Costa rica, ManuelAntonio Nation, Pacifico Central 1 (242, 62, 21)
Southend (119, 74, 26) - Pipes now, but plan to change from time to time

Sunset / Other "LARGE" wave sets
Surf Braata Beach - Surf the Epi, JJ Lanes II (98, 158, 21) - various wave set ups
Kimmys Topanga Canyon, Frozen (30, 53, 21) - private residence
Tsunami Beach (241, 120, 21) (Sunset)
Kauai, haraii - Kauai Island Res, Kauai (53, 98, 21) (Sunset)
Boracay Islands, Boracay Islands (103, 84, 22) (Action - 100m Maverick)
Kekoa & Rodazz Surfin Beyooootch, Isla Libertad (172, 134, 21)

Pipes only
Beachmice, Kryten (102, 62, 23)
Grandblue BELLA (114, 163, 21)
Point Paradise, Telework (213, 23, 22)
Southern Coast Surf & Sky NARITA (167, 77, 21) - loaner board, but no rez area
Surfside hideaway, Cocoon (198, 137, 21)
Wicked island (99, 215, 21)

Pipes with fluffies (a few are fluffies only at the moment)
Bundoran Reef:  Surf Free Bo, Bundoran Reef (103, 51, 21)
Chi - a portal gateway that awai, Chi (125, 211, 22)
Serina & Qventa, Easthaven (224, 89, 21)
KOKOMO BEACH - let the good time, Old Misty Orleans (89, 198, 22)
...of the valley, Lily (141, 128, 26) - pipes only
Montego Beach - Rez Area, Sands Point NW (5, 121, 21)
Oahu Hawaii, Oahu (82, 158, 26)
Quan Li Tropical island Surfi, Quan Li (200, 130, 21)
Surf Camp!  Surf HU, PrimWorks (145, 196, 21)
Syx Monkies due South of Monkey Cove, Syx (55, 92, 22)
Thetis Bahia Surf Beach, Ocean Shores (11, 162, 21)
TIKI LOUNGE & TIKI TATTOO, Tiki Tattoo Cove (33, 167, 21)
Tuli Bahari - Tranquil Ocean, Tuli Bahari (127, 157, 24)
VIRTUAL NOKIA, Nokia (41, 172, 55)

Fluffies only
Beach, Elysium Gardens (151, 27, 21)
Mahali Mechi (119, 153, 22)
Mortons Gully (58, 172, 21)
Naturum island Resort, Naturum Island (68, 110, 21)
New Kaisen Shopping Plaza, Kissena Park (158, 241, 22)
Pondi Beach - Friends of the Pon, Pondi Beach (62, 128, 27) - restricted access
*PX* Caves and Surfing, Leger (80, 170, 20)
San Diego - San Diego in SL, San Diego City (210, 154, 33)
Spartan Women:  Surf Beach, Emerald Isle (74, 175, 21)
Teahupoo Surf Beach on the Commo, Commonwealth 3 (133, 101, 21)
Xuriel, Wolchulsan (47, 97, 21)

Other wave types (Ron John, Action and other alternate systems)
ASAYAKE Beach, ASAYAKE (217, 150, 21) (Teahupoo)
Teahupo'o - World Class Surfing, Teahupo'o (103, 12, 21) (Action)
Tortola, Tortola (138, 24, 21) (Action)
Sol Mananero Surf, Sol Mananero (22, 70, 21) (Teahupoo and pipes)
HP Surf Point, Crab Island (153, 96, 21) (Teahupoo)
Pacific Coast Hwy (213, 74, 29) (Action Maverick, Action Nitro)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Real Estate (as of 1/5/10)

submitted by Lissa Pinion


Beach living at it's best! Two awesome surf sims and a great family/community as well as Mahali Mechi for windsurfing, dune buggy's, horseback rides and tons of great games!
Beach shacks are $650L per week with 400 prims to make them comfy. Each shack comes complete with a security orb as well, and you are welcome to have a small skybox.

Skybeaches are much more private and still keep you a tp away from the best surfing to be had and are $550L per week with 400 prims. Each box comes with a security orb as well.

Shops vary with the size and prims needed so give us a call on those.  Contact Lissa Pinion for more information.

Mori Pwani
Tuli Bahari

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

WickedV Carver Taming Waves at Tsunami

Socksvid by Socks Clawtooth. WickedV surfing "Tsunami Beach". Music used under the Creative Commons licence. Music by Steven West .

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mari's Mailbag - Drama

Okay, here is a little lesson for those of you who do not know the definition of drama.

drama definition drama (drä′mə, dram′ə)
1.a literary composition that tells a story, usually of human conflict, by means of dialogue and action, to be performed by actors; play; now often specif., any play that is not a comedy
2.the art or profession of writing, acting in, or producing plays
3.plays collectively Elizabethan drama
4.a series of events so interesting, vivid, etc. as to resemble those of a play
5.the quality of being dramatic

This is Second Life (SL).  We have characters. The choice is what genre do you want to be? I prefer comedy but for some reason those around always prefer the drama. Think maybe it's because they feel they are the puppeteer and they have their av act out different scenarios. Thing is, when it comes down to it, this is a scenario that we create in our minds, and it doesn't always have to be so serious. Life is too important to be taken seriously. We should embrace laughter and bringing smiles to those around us. Tears, anguish, frustration, what a waste of one's energy. So much can be created in SL if you are positive. Many opportunities are available for those who can venture out beyond the drama. To me its stiffling, suffocating, takes all of my energy to wade through it. Lots here say they aren't into drama so let this be a reminder to those who are. Leave your dramas in Real life (RL).  There is really no reason to act negetively here. Or ban it even in RL for that matter. Absolutely no need for the drama. Unless you are on a stage.

Why is it that the surf community is full of drama? Is it the competitive nature in us? In RL, if you acted that way, you wouldn't be on a team for long. Need to know the definition of team?

Team is to join together in a cooperative activity. A group of people constituting one side in a contest or competition. A group of people working together in a coordinated effort.

Do you see drama anywhere in that definition? A group of people working together is not drama. Keep that in mind as you surf and join the surf community. Work together to create lasting friendships and memories that you will carry for the rest of your life.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Colleen Brennan Tears up Tsunami

A socksvids Second Life (SL) surfing video by Socks Clawtooth originally posted on youtube.