Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tribe Islands, "Make an Exhibition of Yourself and Win Linden!"

reprinted from www.Tribe25.net and permission of Alexxa Despres

Make an exhibition of yourself and win $L10000 - Second Life 7th Birthday Celebrations!
Be part of SL7B!  The Second Life Seventh Birthday Celebrations begin on the 21st of June. As part of the celebrations, we are creating an exhibit that depicts the diversity and vibrancy of the Second Life Community. For this we need YOUR HELP!!

What we need is for YOU to send us one snapshot of your avatar that will be used to create part of the exhibit. The snapshot must conform to the instructions to qualify for display. The aim is to gather hundreds of snapshots that will make up a Virtual 3D Crowd Exhibit. Obviously, the more people we get, the more dazzling the exhibit will be!!

What is more, EVERYONE who submits a Snapshot that gets displayed will automatically be entered into a Prize Draw with the winner receiving 10000L$!!!  (drawing to be held 27th June 2010 @ 2pm slt). 

Log onto http://www.tribe25.net/blog/ and find exactly how you can enter!

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