Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mari's Mailbag: Friends Lists

submitted by Marianna Monentes

I have been learning that out of all the gazillion personalities on Second Life (SL), we are very blessed to have the ones we do on our friends list. I notice from time to time I am deleted or added to lists, and for every deletion, I paused at the time but since have grown from knowing that person. I always learn something from every person I meet. Sometimes it's not so easy to recall, but when I do, I always smile as to the one who taught me. If you are in SL for a number of years like I have been, it's only natural to meet new people and have lots in common and become friends. Later though, you find yourself drifting apart because both interests have changed. In SL there are so many projects going on and to not be involved would be ludicrous. So naturally with growth from doing new projects, you tend to drift apart. Friendships can be stronger for it but one may oftentimes find themselves defriended. I find, too, that communication is so key to maintaining a strong bond. Lots of times a communication breakdown between text and your brain, not reading how chat is implied, taking things out of context. Just feel comforted in the fact that you are on someone's friend list and be that friend whenever possible.

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