Thursday, June 10, 2010

Competition Practice Sims

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

The last Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) competition of this seaon will be made up of fluffy and Teachupoo waves. In an effort to help surfers find possible practicing locations in the event Archipelago is busy (or you just want to get in a little practice in private), SurfWatch has put together a list of public surfing sims that have these two wave types.

To use these location SURL's, copy and paste the web URL into your chat window and "Say" it. Then open your local chat window and you'll have a link you can click on for a TP to the location.  Sims and wave configurations sometimes change pretty frequently.  SurfWatch staff have tried to verify these surf sim locations and wave set ups, but can't guarantee that this list of wave types is exhaustive nor that these waves will be in place after this posting.  Feel free to notify us of any updates!

Here's the list as of the time of this posting. Have fun everyone, and good luck!!!

SLSA Archipelago (the comp location)


Sol Mananero (Teahupoo and Pipes)

T'ai (new SSi Epic (Cortes), Pipes, and Fluffies); next door to Surfside Hideaway

Tuli Bahari (Cortes, Pipes, Fluffies)


Asayake Beach (Teahupoo 1)

Monkey Sea (Teahupoo) Sea/252/237/21

Sapphire Cove (Teahupoo) Cove/163/192/21

Fluffies only:

Aussie Cove Surf/227/108/21

Naturum Island Resort Island/68/110/21

New Kaizen Shopping Plaza Park/158/241/22

*PX* Caves and Surfing



Kekoa Arbizu said...

Just wanted to say Quan Li still has awesome fluffies ;)

Kantbe Thursday said...

Thanks for the tip, Kekoa! That SURL is:

Tauri Tigerpaw said...

Rut roh - how did we leave off Quan??? We will add that onto the list for future postings - thank you for the reminder, Kek!

Maxwell Eclipse said...

Now how could you do that? Quan is awesome.

Tauri Tigerpaw said...

Quan IS totally awesome! And Quan Li is on the complete list of surfing sims that Kantbe maintains. This was just a partial list of some sims for practicing for this specific comp. SurfWatch hopes to compile and post a partial list of practice sims before each comp to make it easier for competitors to find beaches to practice. We will continue to periodically post our complete list of surfable waves and count on our readers for input on anything we miss! Thank you for reading SurfWatch! WOOOOOT!!!!