Friday, June 11, 2010

Fashion Feature: O Bikini Rainbow

After the storm, the wild ocean surf is covered by a designed by Countess Decosta.

Hair:                 DBS Ayashi-Auburn
Shape:              Alady urban sexy lady shape
Skin:                 Agatha Glamour 1 Beach tan
Eyes:                FS New Eye (green)
Outfit:               O bikini Bottom and top, Rainbow, Designed by Countess Decosta located at   Island Sea Dreams, New April Island, Freeport (25, 88, 22)
Accessories:      DP D-Platinum-Sig-Round Bamboo Hoop
                           Belly ring teal star
                           Detour Nails French Pink 1
                           Vixen eye lashes
                           Persona Mighty Heart silver bangles
Location:            SurfWatch photostudios, Boracay
Photographer:   Tauri Tigerpaw

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