Saturday, May 1, 2010

VSA Mini Competition

submitted by Abel Halderman

In lieu of SurfJam today, Vibrations Surf Alliance (VSA) held a VSA mini Second Life (SL) surfing competition.  The results are:

1st Place:  MarkFoo Waverider
2nd Place:  Abel Halderman
3rd Place:  Lynda Mimulus


Lissa Pinion said...

Great fun and each participant also received a Sands Surfboard! Surf! Party! Surf!

Kantbe said...

This was absolutely great fun!!!

And honest, I couldn't see the wave most of the time... I just aimed at Mark and Lynda (OK... VW once)...

Anonymous said...

Report from the Lifeguard Tower: After Saturdays Partywave mini-comp we are currently out of suture thread.

If you are skagged and require stitches please call the Surf-Watch Helicopter for immeadiate Medi-Vac to a nearby hospital.

Mori Lifeguard Service

Colleen Brennan said...

I hope Q is not flying the chopper. I hired him as a body guard and then Jimbo caught him being otherwise occupied.