Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SurfWatch Headquarters New Location

SurfWatch is very proud to announce the new headquarters location at Boracay Islands!  Come visit and hang out at SurfWatch Headquarters and be our receptionist for the day.

Mari covering the receptionist desk while Tauri gets the coffee.

You can watch the SurfWatch staff working on leads,

Tauri hard at work following leads.

or preparing for the next video production. 
Mari planning the next phase of video production.

Be there at the right time, and you can join us for an infamous staff meeting!
Aeryn, Mari and Tauri in a Pre-production Meeting.

Enjoy the many amenities Boracay Islands has to offer, including:

SurfWatch HQ
The Boracay Bar
Sunset Dining/Dance Pavilion
Eagle's Peak Dancing
Campfire Chats
Now at Boracay Islands (99, 68, 24)!

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