Thursday, May 20, 2010

Promising Surfer: Arjuna Bombastic

submitted by Marianna Monentes

As Second Life (SL) surfing continues the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) 2010 surfing season, SurfWatch is dedicated to bringing to you those surfers that stand out from the pack in the Promising Surfers series. This edition, we're proud to present: Arjuna Bombastic.

SurfWatch:  How does it feel to have stood on that winners podium?
Arjuna Bombastic:  Its a rush. I technically wasn't on the podium cause I was 4th, but just to be in the finals, any finals, is always a rush - lekker.

SW:  You placed 4th in only your second event. That is amazing whats your secret?
AB:  Well there are 3 things.  Firstly, can't do anything without the amazing surfers of SLSA. All are so willing to help out and point me in the right direction, very encouraging, and willing to sacrifice their own time to help an enthusiastic young tyke like me!  Secondly, I like to be an artist, and I can only express myself on the waves if I have the basic tools to do it. I spend alot of time with the best surfers in SL to learn how to do the basics, how to surf up and down a wave, to understand and learn the wave, to appreciate its subtle movements and how a shift in weight even from my front to back foot can set me on a different vector when infused with the power of the wave.  Thirdly, I like to have fun. The rush of maxing out a wave is the same to me like making love to a woman, taking a woman to climax again and again and again.  Each wave is different but the satisfaction after is euphoric.  The sense of triumph and mastery and, well, the process getting there, makes my blood pump like a raging river, strong, wild , powerful and always in control

SW:  Tell us about the day. What was the highlight?
AB:  This was my second competition so I was not a barrel of nerves at all. In fact, it was the complete opposite.  I was loosey goosey, surfed with my cowboy hat and shades, had on my helmet of Thor.  It was a blast.  Unlike my first competition, I was not focused on the result of my surf, whether I would fall off, etc.  I just went out there to have fun.  Heck , my first heat ride was the first time I got on the new wave at Chi!  The highlight was the actual surfing as it is usually. A wave is like a woman for me. I enjoy the dance, starting out with the foreplay, then taking control before we both reach a shattering climax in the zephyr of our emotion and experience.  Yes, a wave to me is like a woman, and the highlight was with her, especially since it was our first time (wink).

SW:  When did you begin surfing?
AB:  I would say sometime in late March.  It was maybe two weeks before the open in Monkey, which I entered.

SW:  What is the best surfing tip you have gotten?
AB:  Don't let competition take the fun out of surfing.  Enjoy the ride.

SW:  Who gave you the best surfing advice?
AB:  The best advice in general that I live by is from the Lion King, " Hakuna Matata ... "  It means no worries (smiles).

SW:  What is your favorite aspect of SL surfing?
AB:  The challenge of making a wave yield to me (smiles).

SW:  Do you surf RL (Real Life)?
AB:  Wind surfing.  Where I am in RL, the waves ar not strong enough for surfing.

SW:  What prompted you to try SL surfing ?
AB:  I like the artistry and freedom of expression. I came by one day at Mori and  the rest, as they say, is history. I must add though, that there were some amazing looking women on the beach that day as well (wink).

SW:  What advice would you give to a beginning surfer?
AB:  Don't be afraid to make friends here. So many people to learn from and help you out and are willing to shred the waves with you and to teach you, as well.  Enjoy your experience, live the dream....Hakuna Matata.

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