Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cortes Rolled Out

submitted by Ashleigh Dickins


The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) is proud to announce the upcoming Tai/Chi Surfing competitions on May 15, 2010, and May 22, 2010, will be held on the BRAND NEW wave from leading surf producer SSi. The 'Cortes' wave is a sculpted beauty at about 100m long. Riding somewhere between an epic and a pipeline wave, the Cortes has a realistic curl for the surfers to 'shoot.'

Originally this set of competitions was scheduled to be held at the Stables sim on fluffies. However due to some changes at that sim, they had to pull out, and Tai and Chi stepped in to hold the competition. At that time, SSi was approached regarding their new wave, in hopes it'd be done in time. There was no official announcement until the wave was in place Sunday evening, so that SLSA members wouldn't need to be worried about surfing a wave on which they could not practice. However, now they can, and this is very exciting as Tai is the first sim it has been publically released at, and this will be its first competition.

Already it has had riders who have excitedly tried it out and given it high praise. All have said it rides smooth and fast, including tops from the SLSA ranking. Jac Mornington states that he made 3 or 4 runs without bellying once, while Tai/Chi co-owner and last season's champion, Desirae Beaumont, agrees that it rides smooth and has no effect on sim stats. Sally LaSalle, the other co-owner of Tai/Chi, says, "as longtime supporters of SSi, Desi and I are thrilled and so grateful to Seb (Saramago) and Heather Goodliffe for choosing to run the new Cortes wave here on Tai."

SSi's Sebastian Saramago was out at Tai while it debuted after the SLSA in-world announcement, and said, "I think there are a few tweaks we need to do." That doesn't stop him from being proud of the finished product though, "Over all it is what we had tried to do, so that's always nice to see something work that you aim for."

Even if you cannot compete we encourage you to attend the competitions to see this beautiful new wave.

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Colleen Brennan said...

I would like to personally thank Heather and Seb for all their hard work in releasing this new wave for us to enjoy. Many of us have been waiting in great anticipation knowing what potential it has. I can't wait to get a set of these waves up an running on Tsunami sim. We will have a lot of fun with these.