Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cortes at Tai?

photo courtesy Desirae Beaumont

Confusion abounds over new SSi wave set in place at Tai with some sources saying it is only in a test phase and the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) stating in the registration forum opened today that the May 15 competition will be held on this wave instead of the fluffy that was listed up until registration opened today.

An unnamed source on the SLSA Board states she was unaware of any Board discussion or vote regarding changing the wave at this late notice, and she will be looking into whether changing a wave one week prior to a competition without a vote from the Board or membership followed proper procedure.

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Heather said...

In the spirit of Aloha, perhaps I can help clear up some of the confusion. The Cortez wave is in "beta" in the sense we're still looking for feedback on it. We consider it production ready. We definitely wouldn't let it be used for competition if we didn't think it was. We've tested it as well as we can short of letting other people have at it and trying it out in a variety of sim environments --personally looking forward to seeing it under competition settings. So far it's exceeded all expectations (hope no one was expecting a half-assed copy of someone else's stuff) ;P

We plan for a few minor tweaks like adding tap alerting, nothing that should have a major effect on the wave performance.

We went through great lengths to get the wave done before the announcement of the competition so that it could be included as part of the final specifics of the competition.

I know people love the fluffy waves. ;) But considering how many people have been asking, we knew the community would enjoy being surprised with something a little different.

Aloha and see you on the waves!