Monday, March 8, 2010

Promising Surfer Series - rain Tigerfish

by SurfWatch roaming reporter, Marianna Monentes

As Second Life (SL) surfing begins it's 2010 surfing season, SurfWatch is dedicated to bringing to you those surfers that stand out from the pack in the Promising Surfers series. This edition, we're proud to present: rain Tigerfish.

SurfWatch:  Surfing rather elegantly to 3rd place at the January 30, 2010, Australian Surfing Association (ASA) competition at Monkey Cove, rain only started competing in November of 2009.  Tell us, how does it feels to have won?

rain Tigerfish: Great!

SW:  When did you begin surfing?
RT:  In Second Life (SL), in January '09, in Real Life (RL), in 1996.

SW:  What comps have you competed in?
RT:  Both ASA comps, the Pacific Coast Extreme (PCX) Tandem Challenge, the Mori Pwani Pro, the Montego Longboard Epic Pro and Montego Epic invitational. Started them November '09.

SW:  What is the best surfing tip you have gotten?
RT:  Take my huds off.

SW:  Who gave you the best surfing advice?
RT:  Rayzza Rubble.

SW:  What is your favorite aspect of SL surfing?
RT:  The waves are nice and consistent, no muckin around waiting for the tide to rise and also having fun with friends.

SW:  Do you surf RL?
RT :  Yes.  I learned to surf in a local surf school on a long board that was origianally owned by a guy twice my weight, so way too heavy for me, struggled to carry the log. Then bought a mini mal.  Next came a 7 ft mutant which I used in local surfclub comps, the best l did was second place there. Then the girls were unhappy about my bigger board (then theirs), so l tried surfing a 6.6 on my favourite reef break, hahaha. Didnt catch one wave....its a reef break, nice and gentle, just how l like it. so after surfing on Ray Gleaves 'Mc Tavish' in a longboard clinic l went along to, only to meet the legends...l was sold. Now love stylin on my light weight 9 foot GTS that tucks just under my arm and turns real swift, ...on the reefbreaks, of course (smiles).

SW:  What prompted you to try SL surfing ?
RT:  I have lived in Monkey Cove since I entered SL. Its part of life there, and its very nice to have somewhere to go when RL surf is flat.

SW:  Whats your favorite beach?
RT:  The beach in front of our ASA clubhouse ( Monkey Cove).

SW:  Whats your favorite board?
RT:  An SSi longboard that Rayzza shaped for me.

SW:  What advice would you give to a beginning surfer?
RT:  Have a go and have some fun, dont be shy, ask questions and learn. Oh, and don't buy that el cheapo, they won't copy, and you'll end up losing it between the sims or in the rocks.


Abel Halderman said...

You are the promising one, Rain! WTG to your archievements so far.

All the best,

Colleen Brennan said...

Rain it has been my great pleasure getting to know you. I will practice up on my Aussie Vocabulary list so I can finally be bilingual.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo sis :) Great interview and gorgeous pics. Keep catching those waves. Surf on :) Hugs, Flick xoxo

wytchwhisper said...

whoo hoo go rain go u rock!