Saturday, March 21, 2009

SLSA Round 2 Results

Round 2 of the SLSA Santa Teresa Comp finished in a record 5.5 hours, with 2 of 3 on the podium surfing their way in thru the new Round 1 competition format. The overall champ and 2nd place both surfed in thru the Round 1 qualifying round. A total of 55 competitors surfed a total of 9 hours in the Round 1 and Round 2 events held on two consecutive Saturdays, including 10 different officials staffing the events. There was plenty of excitement and involvement by members of the surf community spreading across both Round 1 and Round 2. Sally LaSalle, SLSA Director, summed it up, "It has been a full-on team effort by everyone, outside the Board as well. I think that the story of this comp for me has been all the contributions!" Congratulations to the winners of today's event and all the surfers and officials who helped make it a success!

Top Round 2 Finishers:

1. Sexyboy Oh - 17.333

2. Bobbi Laval - 16.667

3. Desirae Beaumont - 16.500

4. Wilfrid DeCuir - 16.333

4. Socks Clawtooth - 16.333

6. Sunrize Mornington - 16.000

7. Bonheur Chenaux - 15.667

Friday, March 20, 2009

St. Pat's Pro-Am: Socks Jigs his way to Victory!

reported by Colleen Brennan

Special Correspondent

WOI (West of Ireland), a non-profit organization that benefits Project Children, hosted this first St. Pat's Pro-Am Surf Competition held at Neart on Friday, March 20. Analog and Bounty Reef sponsored this exciting and closely matched event, combining 18 pro surfers and amatuer surfers. The new surfers hung with the pros and no one was far off the mark on scores. And the big winner, with surfers and spectators donating over 6KL , was Project Children.


Socks Clawtooth - 26.4
Kimmy Jigsaw - 25.2
WickedV Carver - 25.1
Blood Klotzel - 24.6
Triston Mayo - 24.1
SweetCajan Voom - 24
Mojo Manamiko - 22.3
Following Waves - 20.8
Rick Galli - 16.8

Asyah Thorne - 25.8
Velvetori Twine - 24.9
Sienna Velinov - 24.2
Michael Pelazzi - 24.1
Corey2 Beck - 23.8
Loken Jewell - 23
Conall McGinnis - 22.3
Sparrow Letov - 20.8
LuckyMoon Jiagu - 20.6
Congratulations to all the surfers who participated in tonight's event and the organizers and officials who made it such a success!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Down Memory Lane:

Heat Draws from the very First SLSA Competition

(provided courtesy Colleen Brennan)

Heat 1

Polysilox Apogee

Jhuriel Hax

Sunbeam Jewell

Samyjo Ah

Thor Bishop

Heat 2

Mishy Damask

Bobbi Laval

Colleen Brennan

Tightline Kidd

Gypsie Summers

Heat 3

Craig Stallion

Rani Decosta

Frankie Miles

Idios Kappler

Benjamin Curtiss

Heat 4

Fireboy889 Kingsford

Desne Aabye

Hunter Cortes

Oroonie Oh

Ritch Goalpost

Heat 5

Christine Daffodil

Portia Roelofs

DeVinna Toll

Kathy Heberle

And the winner is:

1. Tightline Kidd (Editor's note: ended up Season Champion the first SLSA season)
2. Frankie Miles
3. DeVinna Toll
4. Craig Stallion
5. Thor Bishop
6. Ritch Goalpost
7. Colleen Brennan
8. Samyjo Ah
9. Oroonie Oh
10. Christine Daffodil
11. Mishy Damack
12. Juriel Hax
13. Bobbi Laval
14. Gypsie Summers
15. Rani Decosta
16. Kathy Heberle
17. Polysilox Apogee
18. Hunter Cortes
19. Idios Kappler
20. Sunbeam Jewel
21. Desne Aabye
22. Benjamin Curtis
23. Fireboy889 Kingsford

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

High On a Wave

With Season 1 of the SLSA 2009 competition surf circuit in full swing, new surfers will be looking for advice on how a competition works and how to win, and veteran surfers will be trying to hone their edge. There are any number of classes, training opportunities, coaches, and sources of advice on a number of beaches. Spot a distinctive straw beach hat out in the distance, head towards it, and you'll find Mick Lunasea under that hat, sitting on his board, available to train anyone in need of learning or refreshing their surf skills.

Mick, a former director with the SLSA and long time RL and SL surfer, has been running informal training sessions for going on two years. He does this absolutely free of charge, just to help surfers and the surf community. It first started as a new surfer class but quickly evolved into adding the element of competition prep. Mick discovered helping entry level competition surfers get comfortable with the process - where to go, what to expect - had the benefit of calming the surfers on competition day and helped the competitions themselves run smoother.

As a testament to how well his classes are doing the trick, Sunrize Mornington and WickedV Carver - two of his prized pupils - were ranked 7th and 9th respectively after 2008 Season 2 competition circuit. SurfWatch recently caught up with some of Mick's pupils to discover the secret of Mick's coaching success. WickedV said a critical lesson she learned early on from Mick was control of the surfbaord and how to maneuver. One of the most important lessons she felt he taught her was to never get frustrated and always have a great time. He also taught her how to flip, how to crouch, how to go faster and how to make turns without bellying - lessons any surfer would agree to be valuable.

Sunrize Mornington added that he showed her how critical it is to keep the mini map up. He also talked about staying with the wave, crouching, and turning. After observing a student surf, he follows up with specific input and encouragement. She said Mick stresses to slow down if you get ahead of the wave and stay high on the wave. He ends the class with a Q&A session, taking as long as he needs to answer each question fully so his students come away with a thorough understanding. Bo Ohmai, new to surfing altho coming from a long simboarding background, said it was so helpful to learn from Mick how surf competitions work in terms of waiting in the line up for the marshall to put you in a wave.

So if you're new to surfing and want to know the secrets of successfully riding the waves, or if you're a veteran who wants to brush up on their skills, look for a straw beach hat floating in the distance and head on over. Odds are Mick can show you how to stay high on a wave.

Contact Mick directly to schedule a time for a lesson.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

SLSA Round 1 Format First Impressions

The changes to the SLSA competition format (editors note: see SW 3-12-09 SLSA New Competition Format) made an impression on the surfers competing at the event. SurfWatch caught up with some of the competitors, seasoned and new, to get their impressions.

Bobbi Laval currently ranked 3rd in the SLSA rankings after Season 2, 2008, and advancing to the next round of competition:

I had a great day yesterday. The qualifier and new formula worked great. It was all over in less than 3 hours. People actually hung out after the comp and danced and chatted. At the end of a 7, 8, 9 hour day, that just wasn't happening. It was almost like in the old days where there was always a big after-party following the comp. The new formula, the seeding, seemed to work great. A little element of luck, but mostly the top scores are moving on to next Saturday. I feel bad for Pova. He surfed well and is not moving on, but I think only one or two out of the top 10 scores did not move on. Running in the last heat, I was expecting more lag than there was. I think the restarts helped, especially the restart right before the comp.
Locksley Blitzstein currently ranked 44th in the SLSA rankings after Season 2, 2008, and not advancing to the next round of competition:
I think the new format gives more people a chance to compete and that is good. However, a bit more notice would have been nice! Also, many people may have a hard time coming up with two Saturdays every month to devote to competition.

Pova Rustamova, Season 1 2008 Grand Champion and currently ranked 4th after Season 2, 2008, and not advancing to the next round of competition:
I'm very happy with the new layout. It shortens the time required for the day to compete. Yeah, it requires a two weekend commitment, but you can work it out because the time constraints are easier. I also like it cause it will allow more people to participate for this reason. The only thing I think the SLSA can improve on is letting the riders know how they score during the competition. The judges' scores are tallied at the end of each ride. That gives you an idea of how they are scoring. It also gives you an idea of where you stand - a go-for-broke ride or a conservative ride.
Kimmy Jigsaw, co-founder of the SLSA, currently ranked 44th after Season 2, 2008, and not advancing to the next round of competition:
I am very happy with the amount of surfers per heat. And if we can rip out that many surfers in such a minimal amount of time (compared to other comps), I say, open the comps to 60 people and no more prelims. It went very good as far as time.

Robbin Ember, currently a Director with the SLSA and ranked 21st after Season 2, 2008, and not advancing to the next round of competition:
It was great the way that it worked, and I really hope everyone agrees, less time and a great line up. I just hope that everyone still comes out next week to support and cheer for their teammates and favorites and, more importantly, have a good time. I know I will be there, and it will be a great time, a Big and Rich, good time (giggles).
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