Saturday, March 14, 2009


The results of today's Round 1 Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) competition and the surfers moving ahead to the main event next Saturday 21 March 2009:

SexyBoy Oh: 13.83 points
Robin Mapp: 13.00 points

Abel Halderman: 14.16 points
Bo Ohmai: 11.83 points

VW Sands: 15.16 points
Mathews Bluebird: 13.66 points

Triston Mayo: 15.16 points
Wilfrid DeCuir: 14.66 points

Bobbi Laval: 16.83 points
Dixson Martian: 14.00 points

Congratulations to the surfers who participated today, the finalists moving on to the semi final heats next Saturday and the SLSA for the successful new format for competitions! (Refer to the SLSA website for all the scores from all the competitors.)

Friday, March 13, 2009


To see the latest updates on surf competitions and beach events, click on the "Surfing Calendar" link along the right side of the page - new events are being added all the time!


Heat draws are posted for both Round 1 and the Main Event scheduled for this Saturday and next! Refer to the SLSA website and see what heat you're in and when your friends are surfing!


The SLSA is currently seeking sponsorships for 2009 surf season. The sponsorships pay for various expenses the SLSA incurs, but the bulk of the funds goes to pay surfers placing in the top ranked positions and officials to work the competitions. The program also benefits retailers, venues, performers, etc. in giving them a place to advertise their product with high exposure - the SLSA currently has close to 500 members and growing, and the involvement of SL surfers on a recreational level is estimated to be in the thousands.

The sponsorship program for the SLSA is set up with 3 different levels of sponsorship: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each level effects price and exposure. With the new Surf In/Main Event competition format, the sponsors now get double exposure for the same price as the original sponsorship. Sponsorship provides banner placement at the events, live DJ announcements of your product, and logo placement on the website sponsor page. For program details, refer to the SLSA website. Or contact any SLSA director to explain the program to you.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


This Saturday the SLSA will roll out their new competition format with the Playa Santa Teresa event at Pacifico Norte taking place as a Round One "surf in" or "qualification" or "preliminary" competitition. The top 10 surfers move on to compete for 10 open spots in the Saturday, March 21, competition also at Playa Santa Teresa. Surfers in the top 20 SLSA ranking are already guaranteed a spot in the March 21 event and are not required to surf this Saturday.

56 surfers signed up during the registration window for this SLSA competition. The top 20 will not compete in Round One, so this Saturday will have 36 surfers competing to fill those 10 open slots for the following Saturday, competing against the SLSA ranked top 20. There will be no semi final or final heats - just the initial qualification heats of 3 waves each. This format serves to allow more surfers to compete and cut the competition time to a reasonable level.

In addition, this format enables the top 20 ranked surfers to participate in officiating an event at the Surf In, and surfers who did not qualify to participate the following Saturday, spreading the tasks of judging, marshalling, security and MC amongst the surfing population. Trainees will be shadowing officials at this preliminary competition to learn the behind-the-scenes of how to perform these vital functions.

For more details on the new competition format, refer to the SLSA website.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boneyard Buried in Unstable Economy

Sudden loss stirs up wave of surprise in community.

by Ashleigh Dickins

Fog rolls over Boneyard's Surf Shack as the waves crash on the deadly rocks.

It appears as though most of the surf community must know by now about the Boneyard's closing earlier this year. It came as quite the shock, sending ripples through group chats as surfers questioned what had happened, where the SLSA Hall of Fame could now be found, and what about the Reaction store.

SurfWatch sat down with Radical Twang, owner of both Boneyard and Reaction and prominent surf community member,to get the scoop on this shocking development!

Surf Watch: It recently has come to the community's attention that Boneyard is no more. Is it safe to assume it's a casualty of the unstable economy?

Radical Twang: In a way no, in a way yes; it's more the fact of lack of interest. It seems not as many people are as interested in the same activities they were before. I had new career options, my social life keeps getting bigger and bigger, which has led me to no time for Boneyard. I didn't feel the need to keep investing $300.00 USD a month for it, if I'm barely even going to be on it to update it, let alone maintaining Reaction to keep increasing profits to maintain, add new things, even finish things. Reaction still makes profit, but with less headaches.

SW: The Reaction and Reaction Girl main store has been relocated back to Alternation. What are your plans for the future of the stores?

RT: Unfortunately, the only future plans are leading towards selling or just simply closure. Due to lack of time, I can't create anything new for Reaction, but I'd still like for my creations to keep inspiring, therefore I left it up in Alternation.

SW: In addition to the store, Boneyard also hosted a great and innovative surf break, the Boneyard Surf Shack hangout, and the Hall of Fame. Are any of these also moving to Alternation, though perhaps in a smaller incarnation?

RT: Unfortunately no; I really have no time to try build or add new implementations. So at the moment, I just at least want to keep Reaction there for everyone. I did offer to put the Hall of Fame on my roof, though, since Boneyard used to be the only place with the up-to-date version.

(SurfWatch Note: Craig Stallion currently is the head of the Hall of Fame, and can be contacted for information on how to place a copy of the most current version on your property.)

SW: The style of the surf break with the scripted rocks was poised to be the next big thing. What possessed you to come up with and execute this amazing idea?

RT: I wanted something new and different, and wanted to be known for bringing in such a unique style. No one had thought of making a reef break, yet they're so common. You read and see a lot of people getting torn up because of wiping out on the reef. I wanted to do something like it at Boneyard, but with a twist to it, which lead me to think up the rocky obstacle course. That way it was also something extra for the “pros;” something you actually needed skill for, not just a bit of luck with catching a wave and spinning along it. I had spoken with Heather to get it done. She came and played around with the scripting while I was finishing up Boneyard. She did an awesome job, and the feedback I got was always awesome; especially the ones who declared me being an evil prick (laughs). It's good to see there's a few following my trend and really did get inspiration from my ideas, too.

SW: Comparing the opening of Boneyard to the closing, what kind of emotions were involved in this, and how has the experience changed you?

RT: The opening was an exciting but stressful thing. I wanted to have Boneyard opened a month after purchase, yet I had no idea how I was going to make it. I had made a pre-model, though it never turned out the same. It turned out 10 times better. I kind of just kept experimenting as I built. I had a few ideas and wanted to try to make them work. Getting everyone's reactions to the opening was an awesome feeling.

When I came to decide to close it, I was hesitant at first. Boneyard was my pride and joy. It was the most unique beach spot. Though I had to do what I felt was needed, I didn't want to have massive news flying around everywhere and 100 people whispering in my ear not to close it. So I did it fairly discreetly, telling only a few people. I got what I wanted for it fairly quickly, too. Since Boneyard has been gone, it's as if I have a lot more free time on my hands.

QUENCH Spotter narrowly misses a rock shortly after Boneyard's opening.

SW: What is your favorite memory of the sim?

RT: SLSA's competition at Boneyard would have to be one of my favorites. Seeing tons of surfers practicing day after day, constantly trying to find the best path through the rocks; them swearing at me for making those rocks, and everyone giving me so much good and fun feedback on Boneyard. People were coming together, and I had my visions of Boneyard complete. Everyone was having a blast.

SW: What advice would you give to the residents looking to own a place like Boneyard of their own?

RT: Do something unique that will cause you to have regulars. If you have an idea, don't be afraid to use it. A successful place comes from originality, though have it all themed. A lot of places can have a lot of everything everywhere. If everything is easily accessible, people will enjoy exploring.

SW: You've been a big influence in the way the surf scene has been shaped, from your apparel and gear to your time as a SLSA director. What can we expect from your future?

RT: I keep thinking maybe I should invest that time and get Heather to finish scripting the quad wing boards. The sculpt is the smoothest and most unique surfboard sculpt I ever made, along with ultra sharp styled fins to go with it. I'd just need to get Heather to finish the scripting and release the 9 designs I already have. Though I think that would be the last release I'd do, so I'd want to see the surf community pulling through hard for me to release those.

SW: Any last comments?

RT: Sorry to anyone who misses Boneyard, though. I miss it. too. It was my pride and joy.

General comments in the surf community indicate Boneyard is missed, and many are pulling hard for those quad wing boards to come through. SurfWatch will keep you posted on any updates on the development of those long awaited boards.

Sunday, March 8, 2009



1. Triston Mayo - Sexyboy Oh: 15.33 points
2. Socks Clawtooth - VW Sands: 13.33 points
3. Buffy Munro - Abel Halderman: 12.83 points
4. WickedV Carver - Quench Spotter: 12.67 points

Congratulations to the finalists and to all the competitors in this very challenging and unique event!

Photo courtesy of Colleen Brennan