Friday, November 21, 2008

4th event of Brazilian surf circuit Sunday

The Brazilian Second Life Surfing Association (ABSSL) will hold the fourth event in its 2008 surfing event circuit this Sunday at Crab Island.

Vana Loire took first place in the third leg of the Brazilian Surf Circuit held at Crab Island in September, followed by Mya Yalin in second and Danyllinho Aker in third. Pauinho Stoop and Ammie Graves were only placed fifth and sixth place at September's competition, however Pauinho still holds on to first place in the Surf Circuit season's table with 3,956 points and and Ammie comes in second place with 3,875 points. Guiloan Graves, who scored fourth in September, is third placed in the table with 3,565.

The ABSSL Circuito Brazileiro de Surf no Second Life begins at 1500 hours SLT (2100 hrs BRT) on Sunday 23 November 2008 at Crab Island. Be sure to check out SurfWatch Results for the competition results.

Updated 2000 hrs 24 November 2008

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Socks spot of the week - Moana'Ina Beach

By Socks Clawtooth, Senior Furry Correspondent.

This week I want to revisit an old flame. The place I learned how to surf and how to dodge bodies on the water: Moana'Ina Beach at Weather Island.

If you've ever ridden an epic, you have this place to thank. The name epic actually comes from this beach, as it was the first to have one.
The Weather Channel's small cluster of sims is a hangout area, they have all sorts of extreme sports like skiing, mountain biking and big wave surfing.

The beach is a re-creation of the infamous 'Jaws' on Maui (or call it 'Peahi' if you're a local). Watch for the atmospherics. While surfing out there it's not uncommon to be rained on while riding. Within the last month or so the epic has changed from the old style to the new. But it's still poorly maintained, it could do with a weekly reboot. But the wave is very good, and almost never laggy.

For new riders, when you get to the beach look for 'Sebastians Surf Shack'. In there you'll find a loaner surfboard, and a free shorty wetsuit. Other boards are there as well for purchase. Cross the border into the next sim, drop your board, and ride. Just be warned, the freebie board only works on
The Weather Channel's sims, and nowhere else. Oh, and it's an ancient script too.

The down side is there's no ambient music, which is a real downer. And like I did, a lot of new people go there and ride. But if nothing else, head out there for the history. Or, if you want to appreciate the new boards, go out there and get one of the loaners to try out. To quote Warren Miller, 'let's hear it for the new stuff!'

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