Friday, November 14, 2008

Majini Longboard Epic

11.30am SLT 14 November 2008 -- The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) today announced the heat draws for the SLSA Majini Longboard Epic surfing competition, which takes place at 1100 hrs (1800 hrs GMT) on Saturday 15 November 2008.

40 surfers have registered to take part in the Majini Longboard Epic. The competition is limited to SLSA members, but anyone can watch and the spectators stands are on the adjacent Bishara Island sim.

All the results for the SLSA Majini Longboard Epic are now posted on SurfWatch Results.

Updated 1930 hrs SLT 15 November 2008

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SLURL: Majini Island (competitors only)
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Monday, November 10, 2008

The essence of Surf Jam

By VW Sands. Exclusive to SurfWatch.

Surf legend, Bishara Estate Manager, Vibrations Surf Team owner and SLSA Director VW Sands sums up what Surf Jam is about

The Vibrations Surf Alliance or VSA was formed soon after Majini Island was added to the Bishara Estate, . At the time there seemed to be a giant rift in the Second Life surfing community. It was being pulled in different directions and I founded the VSA as a way to try and create a group for surfers to just surf and have fun - no politics, no drama, no power-struggles.

As the Vibrations group grew - very slowly and by invitation only to this day - we decided to schedule surf contests for members and Surf Jam was born. I always tried to schedule contests in between Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) competitions as a way for surfers to stay in shape for the SLSA circuit, but more importantly to allow new riders a chance to compete in a relaxed atmosphere.

Since then, the VSA has grown to around 300 members, Surf Jam has become a regular fixture in the Second Life surfing community and Second Life's best riders are always on the roster alongside of new surfers. Since our first event the level of surfing has increased and Surf Jam's are still a great place for new riders to spend a day in the water with the top names. These days it takes only around 8 hours to fill the roster with riders, if that's any measure of success.

What we strive for at Surf Jam is a relaxed, informal and playful approach to competitive surfing. We, of course, adhere to the well established rules of fair play, judging, wave counts and so on, but in a format less inclined to intimidate new riders. I think that´s what make the Surf Jam so much fun - we all root for one another, we ride as friends, as Vibers, together. It is true to what the VSA was way back then and still is today. It's a day in the water with friends, it´s a vibe and it´s alive and well on Majini beach!

Surf, party, surf!

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Socks spot of the week - Grandblue Bella

By Socks Clawtooth, Senior Furry Correspondent.

This week's spot is another slice of tranquility: Grandblue Bella. It appears to be a Japanese sim created as a part of a 'jazz and art' festival. The ambient music is a constant stream of jazz, and a lot of live stuff too. Right away, this sets the tone of the island.

The break is a very challenging one, three pipes unsynched and just far enough apart to make it a challenge to go from pipe to pipe. Assuming that one of the local natives doesn't breach and land on you, that is. It's a diagonal run, to maximize the room to go.

On the beach you can find a windsurf loaner, as well as one surfboard if you're persistent and look for it. Sales of Analog boards here too. However, the beach is open to all to drop your ride and go. If you're in an exploration mood, next door you can find some scuba gear for free and take a quick dive. Or go check out the art in the galleries too.

What gets me about this beach is it's different than all the others. The mood, the style, it's not like everything else. It may just be the jazz too, it certainly sets a whole new mood on the break. So, put Grandblue Bella on your stops list this week.

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