Tuesday, February 12, 2008

RL throws wrench at the Monkeh

One big empty beach! The Monkeh this weekend?

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) directors announced via IM on Tuesday night that the SLSA Monkeh Barrel surfing competition scheduled for this Saturday 16 February had to be postponed.
Forty surfing competitors, plus SLSA officials and spectators were expected to descend on Monkeh Barrel beach this weekend. Citing 'real life obligations and requirements' and its intent to provide the best experience for surfers, the association postponed the event until Saturday 23 February.

"Due to unexpected real life conflicts with a number of directors and supporting help we were concerned about the ability to provide a quality and enjoyable competition," Sierra Sugar, one of the SLSA directors
explained to SurfWatch after the announcement. "As directors of an organisation that represents a large community its quite important to maintain a high standard for SLSA events. Unfortunately, real life does interfer with SL sometimes. Rather than completely let the surfers down with a botched event, we postponed it."

The VSA has now rescheduled its
20-competitor Surf Jam event that was scheduled for February 23rd at Majini Island to March 8th. "Surf Jams are a fun way for VSA surfers to stay on top of their game in between SLSA events and therefore we always try to remain flexible so as to best serve our surfers," said VW Sands, VSA Surf Jam organiser. "The event will now take place on Saturday 8 March. No worries!"

Story updated 0200 hrs SLT

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