Saturday, February 16, 2008

Action board burning

Action surfboards burning outside TCH Extreme Sports

Burning surfboards were seen on the beach outside the new TCH Extreme Sports store together with a sign encouraging Action surfboard owners to burn their Action surfboards! The fire and sign board, which read "PUBLIC BOARD BURN PILE, SAVE A SURFER, BURN AN ACTION SURF BOARD TODAY", were spotted by SurfWatch during the past few days.
At time of posting it is believed that at least 15 Action surfboards have already been burnt.

"I put the bonfire on the beach to burn Action surfboards, because I don't believe in Action's product or its business practices," said ATown Fall, CEO of TCH Enterprises. "However, this is just a bit of fun, we have our new range of boards on show inside the store and are launching a board exchange program for people to exchange their old boards for new ones: even Action surfboards!"

Action Surf&Sk8te makes and sells mens and womens clothes, skins, hair and accessories, plus
Action surfboards and skateboards with a big showroom located on Bushido Bay. According to some it is an enterprise founded on copying others' designs, scripts and business practices. Allegations against Action include copying designer clothing, surfboards, shop fittings and even advertising. "Action has continually ripped and taken things that Kaysha Sion and I have done," said Radical Twang, founder of Reaction, about his designs and those of Kaysha Sion's WRONG. "It all started with some guy in my roof saying 'Who the f**k is Radical Twang", 'You're all a bunch of nerds and fags', 'I know where you live' and other such language."

Obviously not put off by controversy, Action's hardhitting "Why Action Boards Rule!" signs appeared in its showroom last year comparing its boards with
Namiko, Reaction, G&S and SJA boards. 'SUCKS' is written in red across the columns for the non-Action boards.

The 'sucks' sign from Action's main store

"They've tried to rip off board designs from several designers" said Radical. "However, I think its all been for nothing really: anyone who has tried an Action board knows what they are

Meanwhile, TCH Extreme Sports store offers only L$25 for Action surfboards as part of its second hand surfboard exchange program (for surfers buying new boards from its store). The store was careful to point out that it reviews its product sales every week and determines the current exchange rate on old boards and that the exchange rate does not reflect the quality of the board itself, rather sales trends and customer demand.

The board exchange program in TCH Extreme Sports new store

bobn4uyes Winkler, owner of Action Surf&Sk8te, was asked by SurfWatch for comment on this story and here it is: "How old are you? Burning boards? Don't involve me in kindergarden crap. Go stroke someone else while I spend my weekends on my local surf spot in RL not SL. (P.S. please don't let this stop your post, SLSA is known for noobs and wanna be surfers and this story fits)."

Update: 2130 SLT, 19 February 2008
Action Surf&Sk8te has now started its own bonfire outside the main Action Surf&Sk8te store, burning TCH surfboards! Enough said.

Extreme Sports
SLURL: Reaction
SLURL: Action Surf&Sk8te


Dharma Austin said...

heh right on .....stir up that it when the "SLSA establishment" gets their panties erm shorts in a wad"...keep them on their toes!

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone buy a wrd (wave rider designs), Reaction, Analog, FAKT, SSI (Seb's), just to mention a few, and then sell it to TCH. People buy these boards because they like the design or texture. The scripts are the exact same and so are the prims. But best to TCH in their endeavor to drum up publicity.

However, buying back an Action board, now that is a small token... cuz that is what $25L is. My question with that, is TCH really going to resell Action boards? or add it to their pile of burnt offerings?

Anyway... you can find most surfboard designs at Flynn's Surf Shack: Analog, Big Dawg (Misfit), FAKT, Namiko, Reaction, SSI (Seb's) and wrd Surfboards. :)

flynn_sheridan said...

btw... that was me Flynn Sheridan in the anonymous post...

and in regards to dharma's comment... whatever

ashleigh dickins said...

YAWN so over this. Whatever, whoever can buy whatever they want. Board burning is a shame.

Anonymous said...

shame that we got so fukin competitive and money grabbing over it all - my friend stuck a effin script in a door from one of the houses in SL (plain brown with big KNOB HANDLE) - and i rode that like a bitch as i can ANY surfboard beacuse its all the same, thaught it was about going in the water and having fukin fun you know? ah well....

Schrottvogel Wei said...

The problem is not the script. I think we need new scripts and innovation. My opinion is that to strong regulations kills innovations. I would even support new scripted boards. BUT the kind of way Action chooses for their advertising is the problem. None of the other shapers ever did this and we all exist in peace. The burning board I as strong sign but only this way the public noticed the mess that ACTION caused in the surf community.

Schrottvogel Wei

Barchan said...

Sorry anonymous of Feb 19th at 7.26 AM, we had to delete your comment because of the language. However, we can offer you a new censored version!

Anonymous said...
"My opinion is: WE DONT NEED NO WATER LET THE M----------- BURN, BURN M-----------, BURN!!!"

Clearly not a surfer then...

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh ..I would leave a comment but ...what flynn said about Dharma is the best.....whatever..!!

Clarke.Torok said...

Honestly none of you have the slightest clue as to what real surfboard feels like in the water, so any board right now as of this day in SL is junk unless it's an Action Board....regardless of the texture, that can be changed on the same board for way less money oh and I don't have to get updates when a new script comes out it auto updates! that is because they use their own real code, not something they claim is theirs when it was just Torley Lindens vehicle script they doctored to work. Innovation yes Schrotty it's here now! Only difference is there won't be any more board burning or bad marketing practices I'm the innovator there and we all know that!!

SL Surfing's Bad Boy