VSA / Hana Aloha Splash-n-Dash!

submitted by VW Sands

Aloha SL Surfers!

Time once again for another Surf-J.........wait! NOT a Surf-Jam this time but the....

VSA / Hana Aloha Splash-n-Dash!

Timed Heats - Short Roster - Fast Fun!

Join us Sunday the 16th of December at Hana Aloha for the 2018 Splash-n-Dash

Pre-Comp party starts @ 9AM SLT - First heat 10AM SLT

NEW surfers are encouraged to join us for a taste of what SL surfing can really be ;-)

Sign-up info and "contest" details available in-world on the Vibes channel or via IM to VW Sands.

VSA / Hana Aloha Splash-n-Dash!

Where the best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun.

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