Happy Thanksgiving!

SurfWatch is thankful to share another fantastic year of surf, sun, Second Life, and all the special friends that spend time working on, contributing to, and supporting SurfWatch!  We couldn't do it without you!  SurfWatch has never been about one person and one idea and one way - it's a shared adventure of many friends and many ideas in support of SL surfing, beaches, sims, surfers, groups, and on.  We are so thankful for our readers sharing it with us over the years!  Thank you!

This is my chance to say a special thank you to the current staff that work so hard to keep SurfWatch watching the waves:

Maxwell Silvansky, surfer, instructor, buddy of Bandit - you bring laughter and fun to the readers and we look forward to when you have more time to spend sharing the joy!

Leanne Mordue, surfer, photographer extraordinaire - you don't just have skill, you have an artistry apparent in each picture.  We're so thankful you are sharing this talent with us!

Dillan Monroe, adventurer, writer - you open new doors sharing the best of SL beaches, surf, oceans and anything else with our readers.  You're always up for anything! Thank you for your willingness, time and efforts and sharing your adventures with us!

Cierra Theriac, surfer, fashionista, surf sim owner, former SLSA Director - above everything else you already manage to do, you bring style and fashion to our readers. Each picture tells a story between the outfit, the pose, the location and the details.  Thank you for sharing them with us!

Persia Bravin, SL legend, surfer, instructor, sim designer and more - your professionalism in writing and skill in marketing have brought us to a higher level.  I would need a full page to cover everything you've done but all I can say now is thank you for joining with us!  I am so grateful to have you on board!

Austin Novaland, surfer, surf sim owner, designer, innovator - we have never had anyone with your level of skill contribute as much as you have to our visual presentation and your added ideas. I am so excited to share where you have taken us and what we have in our future!  Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do!

And most of all, Kantbe Thursday, surfer, managing editor, marketing magician, former SLSA Director and this list could literally run off the page - you have been the backbone and strength, never looking for the limelight but always multi-tasking and finding new ways to improve.  There is no way I could ever thank you enough for the heart you put into the surfing community and share with us.  I am so truly grateful for everything you do.

And thank you to those special contributors who add spice and flavor to our pages with their opinions, views, adventures, and pictures!

SurfWatch's only goal is to grow Second Life surfing by sharing the fun, the information, the events, the news, the people, the places, the products, and the best it has to offer with the current surfing community and those that will discover SL surfing in the future.  We don't make money, we don't get paid, we are a true non-profit volunteer operation in that everyone donates their time and efforts in support of SL surfing.  Thank you for joining with us, supporting us, reading us, and sharing us. I have much to be grateful for, and I hope you have in your lives, too!  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!



Austin Novaland said...

This is an absolutely lovely post with one very glaring omission. Thank you, Tauri, for your tireless efforts to revive SurfWatch, and to keep it going, growing, and evolving. Your endless enthusiasm and positive attitude are sincerely inspirational and contagious. I do not wish to diminish the contributions of everyone else, but there would be no SurfWatch without everything you do. Thank you for letting me come along for the ride.

Vw Sands said...

What Austin said :-)
(I'm lazy)

Happy Turkeyday pepes!


Anonymous said...

JT says, what they said.

Do what ya do and stay positive. Mahalo,JT