Submitted by Tyler Peace

 Recently the creator of flow, Alan Brady, has been releasing some of in my opinion the best surf gear in Second Life (SL). He has released boardshorts, rashguards, wetsuits, hats and so much more. I have been speaking to Alan Brady a lot recently, and he has been getting me hyped up on the new boards he and his friend, Dmilso Olivieri, who is apparently the mastermind behind the scripts, have been working on. From my understanding, there is going to be a total of three new boards:  Funboard, Longboard, and Proboard. All of the board options are loaded with new and realistic Bento animations.

The Proboard will have the ability to achieve aerials, and what's better than air??! I have had the privilege to try out the new one and only Funboard and from my experience it's an amazing addition to the board options in SL. The Funboard I have tried is the demo version and the actual version has even more to do! The ride on a Flowboard has always been an exclusively smooth experience but this new update brings exclusive experience to a whole new level. Not only is it still incredibly smooth but it also brought a bit more of a resistance between the board and the wave. Surfing on glass is a great thing but feeling the force of the wave beneath you is even better, and that's exactly what this board brings.

The best feeling I have yet to achieve on the new board is the cutbacks.  The feeling of push and speed you achieve from doing so never gets old. I can only imagine how amazing that aerial is going to feel. I can't wait to see what's next to come. The Funboard is going to be released on the 20th of July with many amazing texture options.

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