Wet hair, wet t-shirts, you have to be wet on the waves.  With the help of Steelhead Havasu Wet Tee Set wet tee shirt and thong created by Chelsea Malibu, you can pick the wet tee shirt and thong in a variety of colors for a variety of body types.  (See Chelsea's video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=0VmnKkUK7v0).

 And you can't forget the hair!  Mina Nakamura has hair that can be wet, dry, and even blow dried!  And it looks fantastic either way!  It turns wet on contact with SL water and either dries in the sun or you can use the blow dryer included in the purchase.  (See Mina's blog at www.minahair.nl)

Feel the spray, the surf, the refreshing water!  Don't be afraid to bring the wet!  

*Special thanks to my SL sister, Zennessa Charleston for the gift of the t-shirt and thong and for providing the fabulous surfboards and waves for the photo shoot at the beautiful LaVista Del Mar!

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Zennessa said...

Great shirts AND hair for sure. Every girl should have them!