Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Deadline to register for the SSi Longboard Pro Competition @ North Shore is Today!

Submitted by Solsty Kismet

Don't forget, SLurfers, the competition registration will close tonight @ 12:00am SLT.  All competitors hoping to make their mark at the North Shore Pro are asked to register at the below link.

Please read all the instructions carefully then cut and paste the proper format, filling in all relevant details.  A heat is the group of people you will surf with, so if you request an early or a late heat, you will be scheduled accordingly by the Head Judge, Cierra Theriac-Triton.

A special thank you from the SL Surfing Association to those surfers that took time out to teach others the delicate art of the SSi Longboard: Bodhi Lowtide and Gia Villano-Triton.

We look forward to seeing you all out on the waves or in the stands this Saturday, April 28th @ 1:00pm SLT.

Registration link:

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