Friday, February 23, 2018

SurfWatch Now on Flickr

With all of the other great Flickr groups that include great shots of Second Life activities outdoors and involving surfing in SL, you might wonder why we'd create yet another Flickr group.

Our hope at SurfWatch is that Flickr will have a natural synergy with the goals SurfWatch has in its blog, in other social media, and inworld in Second Life to help spread the word about things of interest to people who enjoy surfing and beaches in Second Life.

If you share our enjoyment and interest in these activities, let's hear what you like to do. Share your pictures with us as well.

Since SurfWatch is intended for all ages, this Flickr group will only support "Safe" rated pictures and videos. If possible, we'd also like to see the SL location (SURL) where pictures are taken when showing a public spot. To begin with, we'll moderate posts until we get a feel for what is being posted. We'll strive to get your posts published as quickly as possible. Hopefully, we'll find that moderation really won't be necessary.

We hope this will be something fun for everyone and hope you'll follow us on Flickr and the SurfWatch blog.
SurfWatch blog:
SurfWatch Flickr Group: SurfWatch

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