Friday, August 4, 2017

Opal's Gems presents Calypso Cove

Submitted by Opal Rivers

Join the pages of SurfWatch as we explore Opal's Gems of Second Life (SL) surf sims.

Calypso Cove has that elegant deserted beach feel right from the rez point (209, 35, 22).  Beside the dilapidated dock is a picturesque sea plane.  The sea plane makes you want to enjoy an aerial tour but rudely denies your request by dumping you into the ocean.   While looking to the shore, the overhead sign displays the jaws from the fierce Great White Sharks, showing what a seasoned beach town this is.  The Spanish style shopping village reminds me of a wonderful Caribbean vacation.  The stone streets lined with old style buildings and water fountains are welcoming touches to this well-appointed homestead sim.  After your shopping delay, you stroll upon Club Calypso.  This awesome DJ club is a welcoming place to meet beautiful people.  If you are not in a dancing mood, sitting by the sparkling pool and listening to the beats of the DJ is a great way to spend your time.
Club Calypso is where I met the co-owners of the sim.  Cosmeja and Angelinaa33 are beautiful fun-loving avatars from Germany.  Cosmeja enjoys the virtual vacation, she is able to take as soon as she logs on.  She appreciates the creative nature of Second Life (SL).  Her creations started with simple outfits and have exploded to ever expanding sims.  Calypso Cove initially took about 48 hours to create, however both sim owners find the creation to be a constant work in progress.  The first
inspiration she had in the creative process was a tropical feel, she used the 1/16 sim for creating objects for her shop.  She built a little cafĂ© and dance floor to enjoy, and her friends loved it.  Then, she continued the expansion by adding a surf beach.  Cosmeja owns a fashion clothing store called Xtra Ordinary (215,69,22).  She loves to wear fancy designer clothing and wanted a meeting place that allowed beach attire or high-end clothing.  She successfully meshed these two concepts.  Now that the Calypso Cove has expanded to a full sim, she finds that she must have a plan to execute a high-end build. 

When stepping onto the beautiful sandy beach with realistic water movements, watch out for the coconut tree the frequently drops the hard nuts.  This is a hard hat area for sure.  This amazing sim is alive with wildlife from scurrying crabs to jumping dolphins.  The wandering peacock is a unique touch that adds character to the sim.  There are many toys on this beach you can play with from jet skis to motorized kite surfing.  The C-3v2 Surfboard rezzers are not obvious at first.  The unique presentation becomes obvious when clicking a random board standing by the rocks.  The Maoli 4All wave has a long run, but is challenging to surf in the shorter width.  Once you complete a trick be prepared to turn quickly.  Cosmeja explains, they are excitedly waiting on placing a Tahiti Break as soon as possible.

A walk down the beach is so awesome with the crabs scurrying along the beach.  There are many places to cuddle on this adult sim.  It’s a great place for an intimate date night.  Suddenly the continuity of the beach is disrupted by a shallow water tide pool fed by a mountain waterfall.  This is my favorite spot on the sim.  Cosmeja said the same thing during our interview.  She referred to it as her “zen” place.  Wading through the shallow part allows your journey to continue along the beach. 
Honestly, there is not one bad spot on this sim.  I have left some of the sim to be discovered by the visitor to Calypso Cove.  Perhaps there is a hidden treasure chest.  You may want to bring some scuba gear.  In that hidden grotto, you just may even find a little secret place.  The sim is also attach to several other rental sims so there is plenty of open water for sailing adventures. 

There is a caution, this sim is also hosts some rental properties for the sim owner’s friends to enjoy.  Please keep your journeys confined to the public areas along the beaches.

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