Realistic Beauty at Island Sea Soul

Submitted by Opal Rivers

Palma de Majorca (200, 210, 24) - Adult - Island Sea Soul - Home of SurfCrazy!

When you first arrive at Island Sea Soul, the sim feels like an authentic California surf beach.  The name Island Sea Soul and the sim comes from three people who collaborated to create this beautiful island sim.  Countess "Connie" Decosta, Mick Lunasea and JT Castaneda are the masterminds of Island Sea Soul.  The name is derived from Island Sea Dreams (ISD), Surfcrazy, and Soul Wave (Movie & photography).  Their love of surfing and the ocean has inspired a place where the rain forest meets the ocean, much like Countess' real life.

They began the creation with the waves.  After all, the sim slogan does say, Home of the Surf Crazy.  This is an excellent description for the whopping 6 running waves on this beach, giving the surf a crazy ride.  When asked how long it took to create this exquisite island, Countess explained that JT has the design eye and photography skills.  The Countess has the eye for colors, brightness, designing and building in SL (Second Life).  The construction did not take too long.  After all, it doesn’t take too long to make something beautiful when you use your heart, she said.  As the collaborative group meet, they continue to work on the finer details.  The Countess feels that, the best views on the sim are on top of the hill on the far end of the sim (149,14,44).  They are quite spectacular. 

The landing point is on the deck of a surf shack like no other.  The cabin seems empty until you notice the walls are lined with copious amounts of surfing information.  It is also the home of Global Surf Treaty Surfing Lessons.  Imagine receiving personal SL surfing lessons with a pro surfer, like Mick, JT or Countess.  This surf school is a great resource for anyone wanting to improve their surfing skills or considering emerging as a top surfer in SL.  Island Sea Soul boasts their own surfing association called Island Sea Soul Community (ISSC).  The association (group) is designed for the promotion and teaching of the sport of surfing.  Additionally, there is an in-world magazine the Countess writes for the community members.  The human-interest stories are inspired by camp fire tales and events of interest in the surfing community.

Just around the corner is the Country Soul One Love Surfboard Factory owned by Mick Lunasea.  This store is an awesome shop to come pick out a surfboard created by a real-life surfer or have a quality custom surfboard created to suit your personal style and taste by Mick himself [editor's note:  See More About Surfboards:  Mick Lunasea posted on May 11, 2017].  Mick also sells a wide array of products on the SL Marketplace.  Visit his store, Mick’s treasures. Just up the ramp is the Island Sea Dreams mesh jewelry shop owned by Countess DecostaThere are lovely sparkles here, ladies. 

The cave spelunking here is also challenging.  The entrance is clearly marked on the separate island (197,231,21).  There is a maze of caves and secret passages the can get you turned around in circles.  Make sure you approach this cave with proper gear, you may need some diving gear or the ability to hold your breath for a long time and enough food and water, just in case you get lost.  It’s a wonderful world to explore.  Just saying there are sparkles here, too, ladies.  There is a spectacular tropical hike at the end of the journey.


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SurfWatch/Tauri Tigerpaw said...

Love Island Sea Soul, and you captured the magic in your write up! I love the wild ocean feel on the multiple waves, and I've spent a lot of time exploring the caves. Great vibe! Check out the Bloodstone mesh knot anklet and the puka shell set from Connie's shop - they go with everything in my wardrobe. And I feel the need for an addition to my board set - on my way, Mick!