Amagansett and Sagaponack, Shagwong Cove Resort

Amagansett (75, 245, 21) - Adult - Amagansett at Shagwong Cove Resort

Cool ocean breezes, tropical foliage, the sounds of gulls and ocean, the birds, the waves, the waterfalls in the distance.  Everything you would expect in a Second Life (SL) surfing sim and more. I think there may be a dolphin breaching.  My toes in the sand, feeling the salty fresh spray on my ankles, I dodge a huge sea turtle crawling on shore to it's nesting place.

There are two sims here, Amagansett with it's ocean waves, primarily surfing and cottages, and Sagaponack with it's waterways.  Shagwong Cove Resort covers both sims and they are hoping to add a 3rd.  Beach rentals are available with seven cottages for rent, "All sizes, all furnished, all amazing", according to Diamonte Thomas.  Interested people can check out the cottages.  The info board always has current status.

Diamonte owns the sim, along with his family.  While he confesses to be a beach bum, he says his family loves surfing and that's how he got into creating a surfing sim.  They want to create a place that felt "beautiful, peaceful, inviting, interesting."  It opened to the public the beginning of February 2017.  His partner, Amari Di Ricchezi Thomas, and another member of his family, Aziza Mendominezu, were in charge of design and did all the landscaping and sim work.  Diamonte has been researching what surfers need by talking to as many surfers as possible, joining associations, reading SurfWatch, and hanging out at other sims to see what works.  He says he will be adding at least two more kinds of waves and one more surfboard choice based on recommendations, along with being able to rez your own board.

Opal Rivers was able to catch some waves and give her take on the conditions:  "The surf supports lots of realistic shore movement.  The gulls and crabs on the beach also give you the feeling of being on the best beach vacation ever.  The surf waves are located on a long and spacious beach that supports several waves.  Although the rez time is extended here, I found that the surfing allows for a smooth lag free ride. The multiple waves allows you to skip from wave to wave using the whole surf area for a great ride."  Nude surfing is allowed.

Nestled among the waterfalls, sunken forest, cliffs, flamingos, deep sea cove, pelicans, VW van campsite, hammocks, cozy spots, hot tubs, docks, community centers, and residences are boat rides, surfing waves, games, tiger dances, zip lines and much more.  There is too much going on to list, and I would not cheat you of discovery by naming everything this resort has to offer.  I would just urge you to come explore - plan on spending at least a day.  Come alone, bring your special someone or bring your group - there are a variety of locations and activities and half the fun is the surprised delight of an unexpected discovery! You won't be disappointed here!


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Opal Rivers said...

What a good write up. I think I will be spending more time at Amagansett and Sagaponack, Shagwong Cove Resort.