Letter from the Editor

Submitted by Lissa Pinion

An era is coming to an end with SurfWatch retiring officially.  So this will be my farewell to the only publication in the SL Surfing community that consistently brought us births and deaths, hard hitting interviews and light hearted exposes, designers on the surfboard and fashion scene and an outstanding quarterly in-world magazine as well as all the breaking news many would not have known about had they not read SurfWatch.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with individuals that made SurfWatch what it is and will always be remembered for Tauri, who trusted me to be neutral and tell the story, Ashleigh, who worked tirelessly on the inworld magazine which, frankly was like herding cats, Kantbe who always brought a light side to any situation...think of her as the UN of surfing. To all those who I called up and said, “hey give me your opinion on this”...Thank you. And last but no-where near least, Barchan, who had a vision and ran with it then had the brains to turn it over to Tauri to keep it going.

I’m going to miss reading SurfWatch as well as working on it, but I know someone will step up maybe with their own style and message and carry on to keep the surf community informed and up to date.

I want to thank all those who trusted us over the years with information, opinions, and comments. Thank you to V for being patient when so much of my time was going towards the blog, thank you to Tauri in believing in my judgement to handle the management of SurfWatch for two years and thank you to the readers. Without you we would have never been.

Lissa Pinion-Sands

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Lissa, it was a bright spot in our community that wouldn't have worked without lots of hard work from you all.

I will miss it.